Posters Discouraging Hindus from Selling Homes to Muslims Appear in Delhi

Posters have surfaced in different parts of India’s Brahmpuri (Shahdara district), threatening Hindus not to sell their properties to Muslims and that any property sold to them will not be registered.

The rough translation of the notice stated: "Hindu house owners in the Brahmapuri area are notified not to sell their house to Muslims. Sell at your own risk, for street residents shall not allow such sales to be registered. All future transactions must be between Hindus."

Quran-burning in Sweden Sets Muslim World Alight With Rage

Several Muslim countries have condemned Sweden over an incident where a far-right Danish-Swedish politician and activist held an anti-Islam demonstration and burned the Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in the capital Stockholm.

41-year-old Rasmus Paludan, also the head of the far-right Danish party Stram Kurs, was permitted by Swedish police to hold the protest, which was surrounded by authorities.

Imam's Demand that Wives Must Accept "Invitations to Bed" Sparks Outrage

A Turkish mufti (Muslim religious scholar) was under fire from Turkish Cypriots for suggesting that women should fulfill their duty to their husbands by accepting their “invitation to bed,” believing that his statement was a sign of imported encroachment of fundamentalist Islam in their secular community.