Atheist Republic News Summary: Praying While Raping, Bomb to Validate Tweet

An Australian priest is on trial for 18 counts of sexual assault. During one alleged victim’s recount of the situation, the priest muttered, “please God forgive me” while raping her.

A Canadian naturopath gave a child “rabid dog saliva” to cure him of his symptoms. The child really had a condition called oppositional defiant disorder.

Atheist Republic News Summary: Legal Rape, Taser for Church and More

April 6 Summary

In Gujarat, India, a high court has released a man accused of rape, as the victim was his own wife. They cited that no law exists to punish a man when his rape victim is his wife.

In Pakistan, a rickshaw carrying a family was attacked by ISIS members and they were targeted for being Christians. All three members of the family were killed, along with the rickshaw driver.