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American Atheists Group Reveals an Atheist Monument in Florida Near the Ten Commandments

Dave Silverman on Atheist Monument

The American Atheist group recently revealed its own atheist monument in same area as the Ten Commandment monument they tried to have removed last year. The group made the decision to erect their own monument in the same area, after losing their final court battle to have the nearby Ten Commandment monument removed, claiming it should not be placed on governmental property.

Exhibit Attempts to Show How the Story Noah’s Ark Was ‘Plausible’

Noah's Ark

In order to take advantage of millions in tax breaks, the project must be completed by May 2014. Currently, the project has access to $12.3 million in funding, with $12.7 million in committed donations. Given that completing the project is estimated to cost $150 million, it is not yet known whether or not Answers in Genesis will finish the project.