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Parents Denying Medical Healthcare in Favor of Prayer

Herbert and Catherine Schaible

Religious parents are continuing to deny their kids proper health care in favor of faith in the healing powers of their prayers. Denying medical care for their children is a common practice for members of faith healing churches. In particular, two faith healing churches in Philadelphia are now linked to over two dozen deaths due to this practice.

Atheist Lawmaker Quotes Carl Sagan Instead of Praying Before a House Session

State Representative Juan Mendez

It was quite an event at a session of the Arizona House of Representatives after Juan Mendez, who is an atheist democratic representative of Tempe, took the chance given to people who would like to pray before the session started. However, he asked the people present not to bow their heads as is the norm during most prayers.

Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist Tornado Survivor if She Thanked the Lord

Wolf Blitzer & Tornado Survivor

Oklahoma tornado survivor Rebecca laughingly admitted to CNN host Wolf Blitzer "I'm actually an atheist" when asked if she thanked the Lord for the decision she made that allowed her and her 19 month old son, Anders to narrowly escape the devastating effects that left the home she shared with Anders and her husband totally destroyed.