Stoning & Crucifixion: Yemeni Houthis Sentence 9 to Death for Homosexuality

A Houthi court has sentenced nine Yemeni men to death in a mass trial based on “dubious” charges of sodomy last March, which follows after the radical Shia Islamist group sentenced 13 men to death for homosexuality in February.

Blasphemy Rage: Pakistani Woman Gets Life for Burning Quran Pages

A Muslim woman was sentenced to life imprisonment in Pakistan after a court found her guilty of blasphemy by burning pages of the Quran.

The Savage Return of ISIS? The Deadliest Attack on Russia in Decades

Russia has experienced its worst terror attack in decades after radical Islamic militants dressed in camouflage uniforms brazenly opened fire at a music venue and reportedly threw explosive devices inside the concert hall, which was left in flames and its roof collapsing after the terror attack. 

"Hamas is Terrorist": The Words that Got an Iranian Activist Arrested in UK

An Iranian activist was arrested in the United Kingdom while holding an anti-Hamas placard during a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Taliban Declares "We Will Stone Women to Death in Public"

The Supreme Leader of the Taliban has vowed to start stoning women to death in public as he announced the fight against Western democracy will continue, further marking the Taliban’s quick return to harsh punishments in public after an American-led withdrawal of Afghanistan in 2021 and the Taliban's subsequent return to power following the departure.

Shocking Video Reveals Teen Who Stabbed Jewish Man Is ISIS 'Soldier'

Swiss authorities arrested a teenager after stabbing and critically wounding an Orthodox Jewish man in Zurich on the evening of March 2nd, with the authorities saying the suspect appeared in a video expressing solidarity with the Islamic State group and even calling himself a “soldier” in its self-described caliphate.

Uncovered: Iran's Brazen Attempt to Assassinate A Random Israeli in Peru

Authorities in Peru arrested an Iranian citizen who is reportedly a member of the Quds Force after he allegedly plotted to kill an Israeli citizen in the country.

Pakistani Student Sentenced To Death For "Blasphemy" Over WhatsApp Messages

A student in Pakistan was sentenced to death on blasphemy charges over Whatsapp messages, according to a report by the BBC on March 8th.

Islamist Militants Launch Massive Kidnapping of Girls in Northeast Nigeria

A crisis is brewing in northeastern Nigeria as local media reports of suspected Islamic militants abducting dozens of victims near a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) emerged this week.