Exposing How ‘Quranic Healers' are Sexually Abusing Women

Spiritual healers are common in every religion, and Islam is no exception. But while faith healers in other religions were criticized for fraud, Quranic healers, also called raqi, were prone to sexually abusing and exploiting their female clients.

Officer's Hate Crime Stuns India: Muslims Gunned Down on Train

A railway guard in India shocked the country after going on a shooting rampage while inside a train, killing his colleague and three other passengers.

Hindu Mob Attacks Mosque in India, Islamic Imam Killed

A mob of far-right Hindu nationalists stormed a mosque in the suburb of the Indian capital, New Delhi, setting it on fire and brutally murdering a deputy imam just hours after violence between Hindus and Muslims broke out in a nearby district.

Iranian Judges Rule Actresses as 'Insane' for Defying Hijab Laws

While protests in Iran have slowly subsided after Mahsa Amini died under the custody of the morality police in September 2022 for failing to wear her hijab correctly, the Iranian regime remains steadfast as ever in strictly enforcing its mandatory hijab law on Iranian women.

Scandal: Gay Sex Tape of Iranian Hijab-Enforcing Official Leaked!

An Iranian official in the northwestern province of Gilan was sacked after a sex tape involving him and a young man was leaked on social media.

How Quran Burnings Ignited Embassy Attacks in Iraq

After two separate incidents of Quran burning in Sweden and Denmark this July, emotions run extremely high in Iraq, where the Swedish embassy was torched down by protesters along with an attempt to storm the Danish diplomatic mission in the country’s capital Baghdad.

Religious Coercion Turns Violent: Muslim Man Brutally Attacked in India

A 21-year-old Indian Muslim man suffered severe injuries and trauma after experiencing violent religious coercion in the district of Bhilwara in the northern state of Rajasthan on July 8th. This incident reflects the ongoing religious violence between the country’s Hindu and Muslim communities.