Iran in Turmoil: Islamic Cleric Assassinated in Brazen Daylight Attack

As the protests against the Islamic Republic in Iran enter their eighth month after the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022 under police custody, many in the country are shocked to learn about the assassination of a senior cleric in a bank on April 26.

How Social Media Giants Turn a Blind Eye to Hindu Nationalist Hate Speech

Months after cow vigilante and Hindu nationalist influencer Monu Manesar became notorious on social media after being accused of murder and posting his exploits against cow traders and smugglers, another Hindu nationalist figure went from obscurity to superstar-like fame, thanks to social media giants frequently ignoring their own moderation rules and community guidelines.

Outrage in Pakistan: Two Muslim Clerics Arrested for Raping 10-Year-Old Boy

Officials in Pakistan announced on April 30th that police arrested two Muslim clerics for allegedly raping a 10-year-old boy in a religious school east of the country’s Punjab province.

Barbaric Act Of Honour Killing: Pakistani Man Sets Wife On Fire

Pakistani police announced on April 26th that they recorded two domestic violence incidents in the country’s Punjab district, raising concerns over increasing victims of “honor killings” in the country.

The first incident happened in Chichawatni, 209 kilometers away from Lahore, where a man named Tariq burned his estranged 40-year-old wife, Shazia, on April 25th. Police officer Ejaz Aslam reported that Shazia left her husband because of increasing differences over domestic issues and decided to return to her parent’s home.

Islamic Scholar Claims Jews Plant Trees to Thwart Muslims on Judgement Day

An Islamic scholar from Syria claimed in a show that Jews planted trees in Israel and Palestine to impede Muslims and protect them on Judgement Day.

Abdul Nafee Al-Rifai made these statements in a show aired on Qanat TV/Channel 9, an Arabic-language channel in Turkey connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The show aired on April 8th.

Witchcraft: Culture or Curse? African Union Addresses Dark Side of Belief

The legislative body of the African Union is planning to implement new rules to protect victims of ritual attacks and prevent people accused of witchcraft from being harmed and abused.

The Pan-African Parliament, a body attended by representatives from 48 African countries, met in Johannesburg, South Africa, to discuss the adoption of extensive guidelines that seek to help governments across the continent by teaching them strategies on how to tackle dangerous superstitions linked to witchcraft that often leads to attacks and abuse.

The Taliban Returns to Atrocities: Public Executions & Torture

Two men in Afghanistan were forced to wear a full-length hijab traditionally worn by Afghan women as a form of public “humiliation,” amidst the Taliban’s growing suppression of human rights and implementation of more brutal executions and public punishments after seizing power more than a year ago.