Brave Gazan Imam Kidnapped for Defying Hamas: The Cost of Resistance

Before Hamas launched a deadly surprise attack on Israel that claimed the lives of 1,200 Israelis and the subsequent offensive by Israel against the terrorist group that left over 23,000 Gazans dead, Hamas and its leaders were already unpopular among the vast majority of Gazans, according to a report by the Arab Barometer

Disgusting: US Imam Sobs with Jealousy Over Not Being “Martyred” in Gaza

An imam in California broke down into tears during a Friday sermon last month, asking what have they done wrong and why they did not become martyrs for Allah just like those in Gaza, adding that Allah chooses Palestinians and that the Children of Israel have a long history of cowardice, wickedness, and murder.

Terror on Christmas Eve: Gunmen's Deadly Assault in Nigeria Leaves 150 Dead

As many people around the world celebrate the Christmas season and the upcoming New Year, Nigerians are shocked and outraged after a massive armed attack in central Nigeria that saw 160 people dead and more than 300 others injured, with the number of dead and injured still expected to rise as families and authorities continue to search for the missing victims.

Hamas Terror Ring Busted in Germany and Netherlands

A cross-border Hamas plot was busted after authorities in Germany and the Netherlands arrested four men suspected of being part of the terror ring. German prosecutors said the plot was meant to obtain weapons to target Jewish institutions all over Europe.

Iranian Faces Death Penalty for “Insulting Islam”

Another Iranian man is facing the death penalty after being arrested and imprisoned for 11 weeks over his online activities. It comes after an elderly fishmonger was arrested in December for singing and dancing in public and posting it on social media.

32-year-old Hassan Khalkhal Zard, a motor courier originally from the northeastern city of Galikesh, in Golestan province, but working in Iran’s capital, Tehran, was arrested last October 1st by intelligence agents of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Menorahs Vandalized Across the United States

Jewish communities worldwide celebrated Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, from December 7 to 15. Several Jewish leaders and organizations set up menorahs to commemorate the event.

French Teachers Strike Over Safety After Muslim Backlash to Nude Art

Teachers at a school in a town near Paris went on strike amid fears for their lives after one of their colleagues sparked outrage over a 17th-century painting that she showed to Muslim students during class.

American Ex-Muslim Teen Assaulted by Family for Becoming Christian

Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee, arrested a mother, father, and son for assaulting a teenage boy for becoming a Christian after officers conducted a welfare check on the juvenile.


The Islamic Republic Hates Joy: Iranians Fight Back with Dancing

As the Islamic Republic continues its harsh crackdown on dissidents and protesters after Mahsa Amini died under the custody of the Iranian morality police in September 2022, many Iranians are relentless in finding ways to continue their fight against the regime. They discovered a new way to fight against the country’s theocratic government: singing and dancing.