Teen Girl Killed by Jilted Stalker, "Love Jihad" Accusation Rocks India

A teenage Hindu girl in the Dumka district of Jharkhand was allegedly set on fire for rejecting a man's advances. While fighting for her life in a hospital for five days, the girl succumbed to her injuries. The Muslim man accused of perpetrating the attack was arrested along with an accomplice.

ISIS Attack on India Stopped by Russia

A self-proclaimed member of the Islamic State has been arrested in Russia for planning a terrorist attack in India. The Russian Federal Security Service released information regarding the would-be attacker’s plan to kill a leader of India's ruling government in a suicide bombing. The attack was planned as retaliation for the insults aimed at the Prophet by the now ex-BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma.

9-Year-Old "Untouchable" Boy Beaten to Death by Upper Caste Teacher

On July 20, in the district of Jalore, Rajasthan, a Dalit (Lower-Caste) student studying in the third grade drank from a pot of water that allegedly belonged to an upper caste school teacher. This made the teacher so furious that he thrashed the child and needed to be hospitalized. On August 13, the boy succumbed to his injuries. The incident has caused societal and political turmoil in India.

Suspected Islamist Militants Killed, Burned Alive 20 in Congo

In eastern Congo, two attacks happened in neighboring villages that killed around 20 people. Christophe Munyandero, a local group's coordinator of the Convention for the Respect of Human Rights, said that the attack occurred in the village of Kandoyi on July 1, late in the evening, and in the village of Bandiboli the following morning.

Child Marriage Survivor Executed for Murdering Husband in Iran

On July 27, the execution of three women was carried out in Iranian prisons. The accused women were all convicted and charged with killing their husbands. These three women were part of a recent execution spree that took the lives of 32 people in a single week.

Soheila Abedi, Faranak Beheshti, and Senobar Jalali were victims of forced marriages.