Religious Coercion Turns Violent: Muslim Man Brutally Attacked in India

A 21-year-old Indian Muslim man suffered severe injuries and trauma after experiencing violent religious coercion in the district of Bhilwara in the northern state of Rajasthan on July 8th. This incident reflects the ongoing religious violence between the country’s Hindu and Muslim communities.

Locked in Tradition: Shocking Middle Eastern Laws Trapping Women at Home

The Middle Eastern and North Africa (MENA) region continues to be one of the worst regions in the world to be a woman. Of the 25 countries ranked by the Georgetown Institute for

Women, Peace, and Security (GIWPS), at least seven are in the MENA region. Male guardianship laws that restrict women’s rights persist, limiting the opportunities for women to grow.

Iran's Infamous Morality Police Return 10 Months After Protests

Nearly ten months after the death of Mahsa Amini under police custody, which sparked one of the largest revolutions in Iran since the 1979 Revolution, the country’s “morality police” are back on the streets again, with police vans reportedly patrolling once again to find women who were found not wearing the hijab.

After Quran-Burning Backlash Sweden Approves Torah-Burning Protest

After a series of controversial protests involving burning the Quran, which sparked outrage from Muslims worldwide, Sweden approved a new protest, but this time would involve burning the Torah and the Bible.

Iranian University Ban: Women's Stand Against Mandatory Hijab

Female university students were barred from universities in Iran after refusing to follow the country’s mandatory hijab laws. This resulted in sham disciplinary “hearings,” class suspensions, and threats of being given zero grades.

'Lesbian Love Jihad' Sparks Mass Protest in India

Since the “love jihad” conspiracy theories started spreading in India due to the rise of right-wing Hindu nationalism, many Muslim men were targeted in the country for allegedly luring Hindu women into Islam via love and marriage. But in a bizarre plot twist, a Muslim woman was accused of love jihad after allegedly running off with another girl.

Hindu AI Chatbots Justify Violence Using Religious Texts

With artificial intelligence like Midjourney and ChatGPT improving and evolving each day despite many issues, many people see new developments that can make this new technology even more powerful.

Indians have also jumped on the AI trend and developed chatbots independently. But unlike ChatGPT, which can help you create a 500-word essay in just a few seconds, or Midjourney, which can help you create artwork with just a few prompts, these Indian chatbots take the form of the Hindu god Krishna, trying to provide spiritual guidance and answer questions related to religion.

Mob Justice Unleashed: Bangladesh in Turmoil over Alleged Blasphemous Post

Around 2,500 people were arrested in Bangladesh on June 4th after an allegedly blasphemous Facebook post defaming the Prophet Muhammad sparked street violence in the Muslim-majority, South Asian nation.

Most of those arrested for participating in the violence in the country’s capital Dhaka were unidentified. Bangladeshi authorities also arrested a man named Mohammad Sohel for making the reportedly blasphemous social media post.