Why Islam is False

Six years ago, it never crossed my mind that I would be writing an article like this. I never thought I’d be looking on the religion I believed in once the way I am today. I was actually “good at it.” I used to debate atheists and Christians, I had people convert to Islam, but I never could put the change I went through after that period in words until I read somewhere that “Religion is like a lonely tree in an empty field on a foggy day, you think it’s someone who can help you find your way, but once you get close to it you realize that it’s just a tree, and you keep walking, never looking back at it the same way.”

The problem with Islam for the outsider is that in the face of it and in the way it’s generally presented, it kind of makes more sense than any other Abrahamic religion. It’s kind of more practical, and it has way less nonsense in its teachings, yet still, it has what is enough for it to share the same quality of being man made.

Ridiculous claims

Islam makes the claim that we are created by God, an all-powerful all-knowing all-merciful being, that we are to worship him, and that based on our deeds we will be sent to either Paradise or Hell. Yet if you ask any Muslim this simple question, “If you were God/Allah himself, would you create people to test them even though you know that most of them would fail the test?” they would have no answer, which goes to show how immoral this teaching is.

The Quran makes the claim that it’s the word of God, and that it’s miraculous, and so do Muslims. Just ask any average Muslim for a proof of that, they will straight away tell you that the Quran is a linguistic miracle as it claims, that no other book is like it, that the Arabs at the time of Muhammad – who regarded language, poetry and eloquence in the highest regards- could never produce anything like it in its beauty. Yet ask the same person for a single example, then watch them stand there with no answer, simply because they just repeat what they were told. It’s true that the Quran’s language is somewhat unique, yet only just like the works of Shakespeare and the symphonies of Mozart. No one could produce anything like them, because each carry the style of their author. No miracle is needed, not to mention that the Arabic speaker can search online to find that the Quran does in fact contain grammatical and linguistic errors, which Muslim scholars tried to come up with the most bizarre excuses for as many as they could of these errors.

As a non-Arabic speaker, you could simply say, “I don’t speak Arabic, what miracle does the Quran provide for me? That’s when Muslims start pouring their “Scientific miracles in the Quran” on you, which is basically a verse in the Quran that is given steroids and then bent in all shapes and directions to make it look as if it holds a fact that only modern science could discover. I’ll give you the simple example of the verses that talsk about the creation of the heavens and earth in (Surah 21:Verse 30). Muslims like to funnily enough claim that this verse is talking about the big bang, and how life is impossible without water, yet no scientist have ever said that the heavens and earth were ever connected. They were not even there at the time of the big bang, at best it’s a bad description of the big bang. On the contrary these verses rhyme with other ones in other parts of the Quran that clearly show that the Quranic view of the heavens and earth is the same as the dome model, and it doesn’t really take a genius to observe that living creatures die without water now does it?

Scientific Errors

Quran is full of them, simple as that. It says that asteroids, planets and stars are for shooting devils that try to listen to the heavens. Its says that a famous general (not named but is believed to be Alexander the Great) has found the sun to be setting in a hot muddy water spring. It says that an ant spoke and that King Solomon heard it. It says that heaven (the sky) was raised and is being held so that it won’t fall on earth. Do I need to go on or are you still laughing?

You know what would be a real scientific miracle? If Muslims could bring one verse that claims a fact that could in no way be known 1400 years ago in a straightforward vocabulary and then ask the scientific community to verify it, say for example, if the Quran had a verse that says that a day on Venus is like 243 days of earth days. That is not too much to ask for.

I have chosen to only consider the Quran here as it’s what all Muslim, regardless of what sect they belong to hold as true. Hopefully in a later blog I’ll be able to include the Hadith (Muhammad's sayings and actions). Until then do not let any Muslim –ignorantly in their good intention- fool you with a book that you can’t read in its original language.

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