Every Day is an Atheist Holiday!

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Every Day is an Atheist Holiday!
Every day is an Atheist Holiday

Every Day is an Atheist Holiday!: More Magical Tales from the Author of God, No!

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New York Times bestselling author of God, No and the bigger and louder half of renowned magic act Penn & Teller is back with yet another collection of hilarious ravings and spiritual rants. Every Day is an Atheist Holiday does not only offer a good read to those who own it but also makes for a perfect round the year gift.

To be honest, we all know how atheists have the most fun compared to all other religious groups. If you don’t believe that claim, consider this: Penn Jillette is a fine example of a non-believer whose spectacular wit and sharp observations entertain not only skeptics but zealots alike. Whether he is scrutinizing popular Christmas carols, pondering over the possibility of life after death or just referring to Donald Trump’s apprentice training as bullshit, Jillette ensures his fans are delighted and stupefied in the end.

Also, what is fascinating is underneath all the frantic rants lies a deep, meaningful philosophy and a kind spirit that seeks happiness in family and tranquility in the simplicity of everyday life. Every Day is an Atheist Holiday is a funny reaffirmation of all the magic that life has to offer, from one of the most provocative and perceptive humorists living today.

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