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6 year old athiest

I'm not sure if thsi is the best place to post this. I'm new here. But I wrote this and wanted to share it with someone.

I was born in 1967 in a small Scottish town.

My parents were born in a time and place where everyone was expected to be religious. Or at least, everyone was expected to be a member of the church. My father, always the rebel, took nothing to do with religion. He only mentioned it as a joke. Such as when having a bad day he'd say "you know I think there really is a god, and he bloody well hates me!" But my mother was an active member of the church. She didn't go every Sunday, but did attend for all special events. And from her turn of phrase it was clear she believed in an omnipotent deity.

When I was four years old I was sent, along with my ten year old sister, to Sunday school. Or bible classes. So every Sunday morning we would go to a class room attached to the church and listen to a man tell us stories. Some were of his experiences as a missionary in Africa, some were from the bible. I really didn't mind as the bloke was a good speaker and told an entertaining story. We also had to sing hymns which I hated. I never sang the correct words and made up my own. As I was the youngest in the group of about fifteen it was never mentioned that I was not taking part and I was left alone. One of the songs I sang was about a duck and I was quite pleased with myself for creating lyrics which fitted, almost, the tune of the hymn.

When I was six years old I was given a bible of my own. I had learned to read by this time and started reading random parts of it. I also started to listen to the teacher at Sunday school and tried to understand what he was telling us about the bible. This led me to become quite confused and concerned. Particularly about the premise that Jesus died for our sins so that we may be forgiven. But wait a minute, Jesus lived 2000 years ago in another country, how did he know what sins I had committed. And I'm six years old, what have I done that would make a magic man from across time insist that I needed forgiven? I hadn't done anything! OK, I put that semolina pudding in the bin and told my mother I had eaten it, and I had looked at those topless girls in my father's custom car magazines. But give me a break, these were not drastic crimes. And why did he have to die for my sins? You can say what you like, I had nothing to do with his death. I was nowhere near the place. In fact I had the perfect alibi. I wasn't even born when it happened. Make whatever allegations you want, I didn't kill the dude. If he decided to end himself because of something he thought I had done, it was nothing to do with me.

I asked the teacher about this and hoped he could explain it in words I could understand. But he waffled on about god being all knowing and all seeing and working in mysterious ways. Eventually I just said "OK thank you" and walked out to meet my mother. I remember turning to look at the huge towering gothic sandstone church thinking, "these people are different to me. I don't fit in here". I stopped trying to understand anything I heard in this building from then on.

One day I was playing with some toy cars on the floor when my father and mother sat either side of me.

My mother said "I have something to ask you. It's something very important so you have to think very carefully before you answer".

"Okaaayyy". I was suspicious already.

She continued. "Next Sunday is when the new term of Sunday school starts. Do you want to go or......"


She continued again. "Now think very carefully because this is important. Do you want to go to Sun....."


And that was the end of God in our house. I later learned my sister had also answered in the negative and we were now officially considered to be atheists. Occasionally church was mentioned but only as an explanation of where my mother would be on Sunday. None of us were ever expected to go with her.

Later on I realised that this situation must have been an agreement between my parents. My mother wanted her children to be church goers, my father wanted his children to choose for themselves. So we were sent for two years and then given the free will to choose if we wanted to continue. It was like when two people claim ownership of the same dog and the dog is placed between them and allowed to choose which owner to run to.

I did not become an atheist at six years old. I was born an atheist. At six years old I decided that the bible was just to mad to be real and chose to ignore it. I like to think I'm a clever man, but in reality I'm of average intelligence. And at six years old I could clearly see that religion was bullshit. What is wrong with people who let themselves be brainwashed into believing biblical fairy stories??? If I really was a clever man, I would be able to answer that.

I should make one thing clear. My mother is a wonderful woman. She is kind, caring and patient and is everything any man could ever ask of a mother. She is the one person who has never doubted my ability and has supported me without question. Her desire to indoctrinate her children into her supernatural beliefs were her one and only questionable act. And to be fair, as soon as she realised we did not want to, she left the matter well alone. We were not forced into it, we were given the choice.

But even so, I will always believe that indoctrinating children into religious belief is one of the most evil things anyone can do. It takes away their ability to reason and spreads sectarianism and lies. If we could stop this one practise, the world would change in a generation.

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Axle Jack :-

Axle Jack :-

But even so, I will always believe that indoctrinating children into religious belief is one of the most evil things anyone can do. It takes away their ability to reason and spreads sectarianism and lies. If we could stop this one practise, the world would change in a generation.

I agree with you, Jack, but look at it from the point of view
of a sincere and devout believer. In THAT position, you
would see it as your duty to give your children the correct,
(in your belief), information, and do all that you could to
prevent them from going to hell, and promote their like-
lihood of getting into heaven.

But the likes of you and me can do whatever we can, to
engage people to check their beliefs, and why they believe,
and to hope that whatever is truest to actual reality, will
win them over.


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What a wonderful and

What a wonderful and uplifting story Axle Jack.. and so well written. I agree with you 100%, thank you for that.
And welcome to our little corner of this beautiful Universe!

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Axle Jack

Axle Jack

Your story sounds a lot like mine. Except I was 3½ when me mom caught me reading cereal boxes. She then used the Bible to teach me to read; however, the Bible made no sense to me. Even at that very young age. I was not allowed to choose for myself until I was 13 years old (Age of Minority in me father's traditions). However, the big difference is I grew up in the State of North Carolina which had laws making it perfectly legal for any "classroom" to deal with "disruptive" students using corporal punishment (physical abuse). My Sunday School memories are of getting my ass-whooped by the Pastor who used a gigantic wooden plank (gigantic to a child). Then me mom would whip my ass again when we got home. All because I was asking legitimate questions about the Bible that they could not answer. Me mom is still a devout Religious Absolutist. Me dad, who died 15 years ago, was an indifferent atheist.

And I completely agree with you about the indoctrination of children. Unlike what Mutorc said in his post, I do not think these people have the best interest in mind for their children. I just feel they have the lack of thinking critically about what they are doing. Basically, they just don't give a damn. They are just like their religion, "Convert or Die!" For all my life, I have never seen ANY good come from any religion. Never. Not once. And as I have posted here before:

Not only am I an Atheist.
I am also an Anti-Theist.
And an Anti-Religionist.
And I am a Soul Haunter.

I publicly argue passionately against any religion. I publicly question any religion. I publicly laugh at any religion. I publicly shame any religion. I publicly resist any religion. I publicly defile any religion.

Why? Because I believe in something too.

There is no philosophical ideology more divisive than religion. Religion does nothing but pervert, demoralize, subvert, and bribe all persons with the belief that it possesses the one and only truth. And, the worst part of ANY religion is that it is an ideology that is implicitly and explicitly protected from any and all criticism from both within and without. Why should any ideology, especially religion, be so privileged? Can you not see how disastrous this way of thinking can be, and is?

I believe religion is, and has always been, tremendously harmful to Humanity. I believe that religions, and their way of thinking, and their theological disagreements, have created the greatest violence, destruction, injury, death, bigotry, harm, immorality, intolerance, wickedness, and abuse to the human species than any other cause. The main problem is not religious fundamentalism, but the fundamentals of religion. Religion’s loose version of “morality,” has NO place in a civilized society.

Sure. You can argue that it is the extremists, not the doctrine. All this says to me is that you have never truly read the various doctrines. It is both. Extremists might be using it as an excuse, but it is an excuse that the religious texts readily provide. I firmly believe, and shall take this belief to my grave, that the human species would have been much better off had there NEVER been ANY form of religion.

I see NO evidence of ANY gods, but plenty of evidence of religion’s harm.

And I am a lot more concerned with the welfare of my fellow human beings than I am about “offending” or “hurting the feelings” of people who choose to believe in the faerie tales of an obsolete, irrelevant, barbaric, savage, offensive, and unsubstantiated, immoral Bronze Age religious text about an imaginative Sky Faerie and Magic Zombie Virgin.

Offended? So the fuck what!

Ultimately, it is Religion that is Humankind’s worst enemy.


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I agree, religious

I agree, religious indoctrination is a very evil thing that is done by well-meaning people. It is basically convincing a young, underdeveloped mind that they are bad, broken, small, weak, always doing something wrong, can never be good by themselves no matter what they do, that everything enjoyable that doesn’t involve religion is immoral and wrong to even think about, that no matter hard they try, they can never do anything good without the help of Sky Daddy, and that their only fun should be in groveling to an imaginary friend.

Don’t worry... atheism is growing very fast in recent years... it’s only a matter of time...

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Nice story: I don't think

Nice story: I don't think it is the biblical stories that get a grip on people and hold them. It is the emotional and social interaction that people seek. A need for love, friendships and probably most important "agreement." If you agree with me then I am okay. If you think like me we can be friends. We are social animals and some of us need more of a social life than others. Christians do not actually think logically about the stories they believe.

I recently did a little blurp on the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus was a fucking ass in this story. He let the man die so he could show people how great he was. Both of the women in the story tell him so. But the Christians hail it as a miracle by their kind and loving Jesus. The story is complete BS. The religious do not explore the logic of a faith, they are their for the "feel good nature" of it and to somehow "validate themselves" as good worthwhile human beings.

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Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind comments. I agree with you all. Its nice to be among intelligent minds.
Or should I say - its nice to among people who all believe the same thing I do. (wow, it really does feel good to be tribal. Who would have guessed that? :) )
Yes the religious who indoctrinate their children are certainly doing what they think is best. But the problem is, they don't think enough.

I have been lucky to grow up among atheists. I lived in Scotland and Australia where there is a healthy percentage of non-believers. And growing all the time. Its only in recent years I have had to deal with religious thinking and have started to understand what it feels like for American atheists. Lately I have had to exist among born again christians with their faith healing, re-animations and fight against witchcraft. And also jehovahs witnesses who viciously break up families to claim members for themselves with threats. And we all are ever more wary of creeping supremacist islam.

I guess this has made me seek the internet company of those who can think for themselves. Nice to meet you all :)

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Yes, indeed tribal mentality

Yes, indeed tribal mentality feels good, but a healthy challenging of one's own views IS good.

I live in the bible belt. I'm surrounded by almost constant woo, everywhere.

Indoctrinating children is indeed evil. I can only imagine how much I could have learned, if I hadn't been shackled to religion for so long.

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@ Meepwned

@ Meepwned

I was raised in the Bible Belt in the worst possible state: North Carolina. Don't know how old you are, and you ain't got to tell me, but back in the ages when I still had to chase tyrannosaurs out of the backyard, North Carolina still had laws that made it perfectly legal for Sunday School teachers and the Pastors to use physical abuse and humiliation to deal with "disruptive" students. Horrible people those Christians. And when I left North Carolina, I would guarantee those Christian still hold almost complete dominate control of all government, legal, and media offices. It is due to that control that you will never hear about church abuse stories in the media. Their literal complete control allowed them the power to completely squash any story.

Yeah, I know about the woo woo in that area. I feel for you.


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