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Moderate Christian

I don't support hate, violence or discrimination. I simply devote my life to supporting a book that supports hate, violence and discrimination.

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If the man really did exist

If the man really did exist and choose to believe he did though not as the son of a god, he probably was one the most progressive people of his time. Muhammad was too. Unfortunately, religious people are not so progressive and are stuck believing what ever they are told the old books tell them to. I suspect this is because they are not only to lazy to think for themselves but mainly because they are to lazy to read the books and see how ridiculous their religions are. Most theist if they knew more about their religions would would have to face the fact that they believe something else and then after comming to terms with the idea nobody believes exactly what they do they would then be faced with the question all theist should ask if nobody really believes exactly what I do who's right and who's wrong maybe we all are but the chance is very slim everyone of the billions out there with their very own versions of belief are less accurate than they are never mind those who have differing beliefs all together.

Its actually amazing how many religions come from the same beginnings and its dramatic the differences those different religions have. just try and imagine everyone one believes differently than you do even those you have always thought believed the same.

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