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Been away too long

Greetings everyone! I have been away far longer than I have wanted to be! A new job has taken awhile to get used to. Lots of traveling involved. I have been reading as often as possible, but missed the interaction with the regulars. Hope you all are well, and religion is bullshit!

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Great having you back, you

Great having you back, you one-eyed parrot-fornicating boat bandit!

Oh, by the way, pay NO ATTENTION to anything Cog might say in regards to me and the pig nose. Cog lies.

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AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR, avast, tis young Jack.

Welcome home and prepare to board the enemy.

Believe EVERYTHING Cog tells you about Tin me, neither of them remember half of the events, but I have a the statements from theTriage nurse and vice squad detective.

Even a pirate cant watch the movie without gagging.

So welcome home, keep posting!

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Welcome back Jack, glad to

Welcome back Jack, glad to see you again, but if what Tin says about how you handle parrots is true, I'll just keep my distance, no offfense. Squawk!

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@ Grinseed

@ Grinseed

Just shit on his shoulder....

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@Pirate Jack!!!

@Pirate Jack!!!
Pirate Jack isn't real. It's just a pirate myth.

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Welcome back, Pirate Jack.

Welcome back, Pirate Jack.

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Welcome back matey. Rum is

Welcome back matey. Rum is stowed away in the galley and just stay away from the head. There is monkey poo on the bulkheads.

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agree with your last sentence

agree with your last sentence

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Re: "Poo on the bulkheads"

Re: "Poo on the bulkheads" Damn that doG we should ban him!!!

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