christians support trump and his child abuse

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christians support trump and his child abuse

All I hear is faith and family values bullshit from the right while trump is trying to hijack the fourth for his military parade with tanks and will spend millions of dollars for his, "Look at how crazy I am rally". Yet they will not give basic human rights to immigrants, a bar of soap, or toothpaste and the vile border patrol agents tell them to drink toilet water!

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention, or are a heartless SOB!

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When you hear the phrase

When you hear the phrase family values; reach for your wallet.

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I would like to think, tRump

I would like to think, tRump in many ways is a manifestation of desperate acts of a dying culture of religious, (mostly christian) adherence in the US that exemplifies patriarchy.

Guess we will find out in the next 10-20 years if that is the case or not.

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Finally Trump gets to play

Finally Trump gets to play with the big boy's toys. Too bad he couldn't play with them during the Vietnam war, on account of being in college, so he has to take back some lost time it seems.

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This is an ideological not at

This is an ideological not at atheist issue.

We as a country are dealing with a large influx (over 100,000 in a couple of months) of 'line jumpers', people who try to cheat the system and get in front of legal immigrants. And they expect too get the benefits of living here. Unlike most other countries in the world, people who enter illegally here are still given a chance to make their case. But under previous practices, letting them go into the population absolutely does not work. More thant 90% never show up for their hearing.

There have been spot shortages of supplies do to the extreme high numbers (do you ever wonder who supplies the seed money to feed and bus these people over thousands of miles? Do you wonder why people from as far away as Africa are showing up at the Mexican border? Who is paying for this)

The laws have existed since the Clinton years. But they've been ignored. (The alleged 'cages' were buit during the the Obama years, and were an attempt to protect the children from the sexual predators travelling with migrant groups.).

It's time to take a stand for the rule of law rather than ridiculous posturing.

"When you hear the phrase family values; reach for your wallet."

Wrong. When you hear the phrase "let them all in and give them free food, housing and medical care", that's when you need (as a taxpayer) to hang on to your wallet.

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NeverHappened - But under

NeverHappened - But under previous practices, letting them go into the population absolutely does not work. More thant 90% never show up for their hearing.

Is there a credible source for that statistic?

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US had over 20 trillion in GDP last year (2018)

Even if we gave all 100,000 people you quote, 10 thousand dollars, in cash each, that would be 1 billion dollars. compared to 20 trillion. If you made 100 grand a year, (take home pay,) That would be obsessing over 5 dollars... a year.

The US has far far bigger issues than worrying about a few folks trickling over (comparatively speaking) these days because the US is tightening up is borders and central america (mostly not Mexico) is having issues with corruption and gangs.

Yet you let the fear machine possibly sway your voting decisions based on this, instead of other issues of far greater importance.



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No neverhappenedtothink it is

No neverhappenedtothink it is a basic human rights issue. You want t use the old Clinton or Obama diversion tactic to sway the attention away from your illegitimate president! trump has separated these children and several have died and been sexually molested at the hands of the ice agents and border patrol. trump started this mess when he ran on it, No wall has been built, other then his imaginary one, Mexico did not pay for his wall and the only walls we need are four cement ones to house his worthless ass in. He is a known liar, career criminal, racist, rapist, child molester and is guilty of treason! Nice to see a MAGGAT here defending such a useless piece of human garbage and as usual using fox news points to try and sway opinion back t the Clintons!

We are all Immigrants asshole. You have no argument, unless you are an American Indian. You do remember them? We stole this country from them!

I don't have to posture. And christianity has a place in this argument, not that I ever needed your permission to post here, they voted for trump and always vote for republicans. They support trump and his child molestation, and I guess you do as well! Pathetic and disgusting describe you best!

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Canada resettled more

Canada resettled more refugees than the USA in 2018.

We do not listen to the fearmongers, nor do we tolerate white supremacists.

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@ NeverHappened

@ NeverHappened

Your statistics are the opposite of what the facts are. Roughly 90% of migrants and asylum seekers do show up for their final court appearances. Here is an article with cited sources on the statistics and how the trump administration is blatantly ignoring them.

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Yeah, I suspected that statistic was made up.

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