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I haven't always been atheist

I haven't always been atheist; however, before then I've always had my doubts. I went to a church with my family on Saturdays back when I lived in Wisconsin...but we weren't one of those religious families. In fact, I wouldn't consider my family religious; but they aren't atheist either.

After I moved to another state, and therefore stopped going to a church completely, my doubts intensified. I realized how it just couldn't be possible that a god existed. If he did, why couldn't he cure people of cancer, and help all those starving children and their families in Africa etc? Also a lot of the things in the Bible started to sound even MORE ridiculous to me. Like Noah's Ark for example. (I also was always confused about Adam & Eve; I knew about cavemen/pre-historic humans; did Adam and Eve come before or after?? I wondered. And what about the dinosaurs? It eventually become more and more ridiculous.)

My "conversion" to an atheist was final when I started going on the internet more. Of course, school's science classes also helped.

I am now an atheist and glad to be one. I just wish I could bring my family about the same way, especially my younger brother. Every time I try to talk about it they immediately get annoyed, as if criticizing religion and expressing my opinions is a bad thing. I guess I'm lucky that they still aren't very religious, otherwise I might have gotten kicked out or something if they were one of those people who would kick their child out because they don't believe in a god.

I'm really worried about my little brother becoming brainwashed. He's 14 and does like science, but I can't bring him to realize how ridiculous and evil religion is, especially since as I said before - he always get annoyed whenever I express my opinions -_-

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Yup, I can relate.

Yup, I can relate.
Based on my personal experience, I havent always an atheist.
Being an theist from beginning is good. But to experience the mistake, personally I think its quite an interesting journey. It gives flavour to my life. Plus, since that I used to be a believer, then I know better about my past religion's irrelevant rules and how people that believes in god thinking. It'll help to explain when asked.
My perspective on god has gone through these phase before;
Questioning what is god(as a child) --> Just follow what everyone do but still debate with religous people to try to convince myself. At this point I believe that if i dont follow orders, i'll be sinned and receive afterlife punishment.(as a teenager) --> Start questioning again(In college) --> God Maybe not exist (early adult)
Now i'm a non believer, I live in country that have strict law "to protect OUR national religion from any HARMs".


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