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I am not new to atheism, however, it did take me years to admit it as I grew up in a very conservative, traditional southern baptist home. I am 49 and didn't tell my parents until I was about 40. Now they don't talk to me, well except a text here and there. I am reaching out for some friends that I can relate to. I have discovered that atheism has isolated me from so many things...definitely not the social norm where I am! It seems to affect friendships as well as dating. I'm not one to debate....it is what it is. I can say that admitting to it was the best thing I ever did for myself, it was such of sense of freedom - something I have never experienced before. It is who I am. So, I am really hoping to make some friends.

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Thank you! Freedom does come

Thank you! Freedom does come with a price! But in turn I gave up the guilt and pressure to be something I'm not. I don't have to pretend anymore. I gave up the constant imaginary fears and threats that go hand in hand with Christianity. And I have a sense of peace. However, I get sick of people assuming I am evil and have no morals because I am an Atheist. But I must laugh at their ignorance of what Atheism is. They live in fear and I just live.

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I live in Florida now but

I live in Florida now but spent most of my life in a small town in TN. I guess I thought with the diversity of cultures here it would be more accepting, but it is not. Of course the elderly are quite religious as are most people the closer they get to death....I worked for Hospice for a couple of years. I respect all beliefs but just wish Christians were as accepting of me as I am of them.

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Hi WIlliam, I'm Mitzi.....It

Hi WIlliam, I'm Mitzi.....It is so sad that you can have such a wonderful, strong connection with someone until you admit to this particular hush hush topic. The shock is obvious and fear of the unknown produces a defensive barrier impossible to break now....it's done, you are done, the relationship will never be the same. There can be no discussion unless it involves me changing my mind - they think I am merely confused and assume all their pressure and scare tactics will "snap" me out of it - do they really think I would choose to be different, choose to be shunned and isolated from most of the world? I want to scream at them to open their eyes, stop being so naive, and ask why they are so cruel as to treat another human that way. Facebook is the worst.......I never realized just how ugly and dark a Christian really is.

I live in Largo, FL....it is about 2 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. I do love the beach at sunset! I love the smell of the ocean and the sand under my feet. It is a calming experience to just sit and watch the ocean!

About me......I am an introvert by nature so the isolation is not too bad sometimes. But we all need human contact and interaction. I need adult conversation. Of course I want to be liked for just being me. I am fun and funny (at least I think so), but it takes me awhile to warm up. I love music! I love all kinds of music from rap to Indie, acoustic, and almost anything with a fiddle or harmonica. It just depends on my mood I suppose. I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy or just mindless comedy in general! I am serious and quite intense at times, probably because I've been hardened by life. I will talk about most anything. I have a bachelors degree in social work and a masters in human services so obviously and ironically I am good with people. I understand them sometimes when they don't understand themselves.

I've allowed my kids to believe whatever they want as far as religion. My oldest is agnostic and my youngest doesn't know, she flops back and forth. I even took them to church when they were younger, but it was always a disaster for all of us. So I agreed to take them, but never went back and they haven't either.

Who are you? What do you do for a living? How old are your kids? Tell me whatever you want me to know.


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Stories like this are so

Stories like this are so common but I can't help finding them a little bit depressing. Depressing that some people can be so small minded just because you don't conform to their narrow world view!

I am from the UK, where atheism seems to be a) far more common and b) much more accepted in the mainstream. Even our deputy Prime Minister has openly admitted to his atheism in interviews.

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