The latest important comment from President Trump.

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The latest important comment from President Trump.

For those who might have missed this dramatic news report.

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I’ve been enjoying “Closer

I’ve been enjoying “Closer Look” youtube from his home...

Cracks me up. Trumps a moron...

I’m yelling “OBAMAGATE” as I leave this post ;)

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Best President Ever

Best President Ever

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More comments from the
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All funny a.f. but sad a.s.

All funny a.f. but sad a.s. This is the POTUS we're laughing at. (as opposed to 'laughing with' like we did with BO)

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I know Grin... it hit me hard

I know Grin... it hit me hard when Trump made me appreciate Trudeau more or thought that he makes Bush sound smart and Bill Clinton honest (I did not have sexual relations with that woman...) ... when I looked at my dog and thought, hmmm you’d garner more respect because you actually care about people...

*my actual dog*


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"(I did not have sexual relations with that woman...) ."


An entire generation of American teenage boys were extremely grateful to Bill Clinton.

''It's perfectly Ok, it's only oral so it's not sex"

I think that line may have entered the american patois.

Back to Donny; Huff[post US today,Saturday may 23:

The prez has said he will ORDER sate governors to open the churches. Be interested in seeing how that goes. ,What with the President not having the constitutional power to do so and all.

The logic is predictably corkscrew-like

"Trump Calls On Governors To Reopen Houses Of Worship"

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