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middle east atheist

Hey guys
hope you're doing well
what will you do in case of that you live like a robot and always afraid that they will know your thoughts
you can't live freely or do what you want in a very religious country
I've been throw a lot and im sick of hearing others talking about killing atheists and about how bad we are so i just don't go out or connect with people around
please if you had such an experience let me know it may cheer me up a little
i'm from Libya ( if you ever heard about it ) a country full of Muslims and no more
i don't have anyone to tell so I'm sharing my feelings here
thanks in advance

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Hey Alice. Sorry to read

Hey Alice. Sorry to read about your circumstances. I have no advice, as I've never had to live like you do.

You can be yourself, (in words), and exchange ideas with like minded people on this forum. It occurs to me to ask, are you safe in doing that, (using this forum)? If you are, keep it up. If you're not is it worth the risk?

Anyway, welcome, and best wishes to you.

Mutorc S'yriah

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i'm not safe but i really had

i'm not safe but i really had enough, day by day , month by month i feel that my life is useless and meanless and i'm lost , i just live like a robot , i have many goals and dreams but i cnan't do any because of where i live and my lifestyle
screw it i don't care if im safe or nah
and actually i've been catched one time months ago it was worst thing in my life but i will fight to the end
cuz i wanna do what i want

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Don’t worry, Alice. IMO, the

Don’t worry, Alice. IMO, the “meaning” of life is really whatever you want your life to be about. The meaning of my life, for example. is to make a difference for the better for humanity, and to enjoy and live life to its fullest, as it is the only one I will ever have. And also, your life is not “worthless”- please refer to what I wrote in he previous sentence.

And also, please, please, PLEASE stay safe, and DON’T BE A MARTYR. We already have enough of those as it is (several million too many), and who knows- in the future, your views and contributions to our godless cause might even help liberate humanity (including the place where you live). Stay safe and strong for us. We need your voice. And you’re not alone; we’re here for you, and we love you. Feel free to join our family, sister!

And finally, to answer your question in the post: Did you know that Armin Navabi, the founder of this site and Secular Jihadists, and the author of “Why There Is No God”- has recieved a total of more than fifty death threats- just for being an “apostate”? (He also recieved others for his criticisms of Islam, which is his former religion, as it is, I’m guessing, yours.) Furthermore, please refer to a recent post by SUPERNOVA (another atheist who lives in the Middle East), in which he describes the misery religion had caused him, and asks for asylum suggestions.

Goatspeed, Alice.

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I can't even imagine what it

I can't even imagine what it would be like to be intelligent enough to ask questions in an Islamic country. I plan on taking my frist trip to an Islamic country next Summer. I have not yet picked the country but am leaning towards Saudi Arabia.

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i wish you a safe and nice

i wish you a safe and nice trip , there are many limits you will face but i hope you enjoy

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Don’t, Cog. Remember that

Don’t, Cog. Remember that thing with Kashoggi?

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I applaud Alice for going

I applaud Alice for going against the grain in a culture and society that is extremely hostile to a lack of belief in it's mainstream dogma.

Have you thought about leaving? Surely the inevitable culture shock pales in comparison to potentially deadly reactions to your lack of belief.

I know leaving may not be ideal, or even possible, but do what you must. I'm rooting for you, no matter what choices you make.

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Find an online dating site,

Find an online dating site, someone you can stand, and marry yourself out of Islam. I swear that is what I would do if I were an intelligent female with no other way out of the faith. (I'm a slut,) LOL

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You’re not alone Alice. I am

You’re not alone Alice. I am from SA, I am an atheist, and -wait for it- homosexual. I found that at certain instances you have to be a hypocrite, at other times discuss such matters briefly, while at other rarer times, you can tell the truth to a few handful of people. Never tell the truth to your parents unless you want to be disowned. It is very difficult to live in a community that you do not believe in. Wish you all the best.

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"...you can tell the truth to a few handful of people.

As it says in Proverbs 20:19 (TLB) = "Don’t tell your secrets to a gossip unless you want them broadcast to the world."

In other words, don't be a gossip against yourself.

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@Diotrephes Hmm... an atheist

@Diotrephes Hmm... an atheist quoting the Buybull... again, seems fishy...

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@Asclepius Disowned? Nah, it

@Asclepius Disowned? Nah, it’s much worse- in many Muslim countries, it is fashionable for Muslim parents of a child who is no longer Muslim... and even just thinking about this makes my blood boil... “honor-kill” them! And for what? I may be a racist Islamophobic bigot (and cue the social justice warriors screaming that at me), but no child deserves such a barbarous act.

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Religions are useful tools

Religions are useful tools for cohesive social action. Of course you need to be a hypocrite, but that doesn't matter much. What matters more is the striving to reach the goals of the system of belief, and to foster trust in practicioners of the religion. Even science is this way, as pointed out by sociologists of science. Rarely does it amount to it's high values. But that's what values are for. To be the ideal to strive for, and to cause shame in those who fall short. Too bad the values most religions have are not very compatible with the modern values and concepts eminating from the west to the rest of the world.

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I also have a problem like

I also have a problem like you. We all atheists are oppressed in the autocratic countries. But I am glad that I am free thinker and I don't believe in their bullshits.
" I wish you good fortune "

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Dear Alice

Dear Alice

Foremost, STAY SAFE. Martyrdom is NOT needed for us atheists. It serves no purpose but to silence a voice capable of free thinking.

What is Religion? Well my definition is:

Religion was recognized by somewhat intelligent men who already had megalomaniacal tendencies as a method that could be used to control the masses through totalitarian tyranny. These megalomaniacs came up with rituals and ceremonies to help hide their megalomania. They rewrote scripts to make it appear to be the “holy word of god.” They rewrote scripts to make the masses support these “religious” maniacs with the best of the best through “sacrifices” given to god. These maniacs figured out a way that they would not have to do any true real work, yet be supplied with the best food and treasures by saying they are “sacrifices demanded by the Lord God so they may continue to prosper.”

I also love this definition given by Aron Ra:
With Creationists the definition of religion that I came up with, by examining all the different things that are universally accepted as religion, by both their adherents and their critics, are a doctrine of ritual traditions, ceremonies, mythology, and associated dogma of a faith-based belief system which posits a posthumous promise that some element of self, be it a soul, or consciousness, or memories, etc., may in some sense continue beyond the death of a physical being. Now this applies to every religion that is universally accepted as a religion.

Basically, religion is nothing more than a means for megalomaniacal psychotic sociopaths to “lord” it over the masses without having to do any actual work, yet get paid for doing it.

Always remember this: It is more important how to think rather than being told what to think. — Arakish

The ultimate reason I do good is because in this life, there is nothing else but living: You are born. You eat. You defecate. You reproduce. You die. Can't get much simpler. As I have done my whole life, I have done what I could to help promote the well-being of humanity no matter how small or insignificant. I ain't had the illusion of self-importance. Ever. I just try to do the best I can, even if my best never gets recognized as ever having occurred. — Arakish

Searching for knowledge and learning is what it means to be human and not a religious robot being force fed only the data they wish you to know. There is no shame in being self-taught, to search for learning and knowledge. The only shame is not searching in the first place. — Arakish

Alice, stay safe, stay frosty. Don't let them compromise what you are. Fake it, if you have to.


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