Mike Pence encourages Americans to pray, keep donating to church

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Mike Pence encourages Americans to pray, keep donating to church

Mike Pence encourages Americans to pray, keep donating to church

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A pernicious impact of

A pernicious impact of Christianity.

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"Mike Pence encourages Americans to pray, keep donating to church"

Yair, I saw that. Sadly, I'ver reached the point where I doubt I can be surprised at anything done by the Trump administration. They have toxic narcissist buffoon in charge and the rest are morally bankrupt just to start---

Assuming the human race doesn't go extinct from climate change, there are going to be some deeply embarrassed descendants around in 20 -30 years.

I truly fear for Baron Trump. He will either be a decent person who commits suicide from shame, or as big a crunt as his dad.. I'd change my name and move to Mexico.

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Considering the magnitude of

Considering the magnitude of all the crazy conspiracy folks and the completely unhelpful prayer people, I'd say we're pretty much doomed!

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@Jimmy Re: "Considering the

@Jimmy Re: "Considering the magnitude of all the crazy conspiracy folks and the completely unhelpful prayer people, I'd say we're pretty much doomed!"

A few words of encouragement for you, my friend...


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Yes donate to the church,

Yes donate to the church, because an all powerful "god" idea that created everything needs "money."

Oh wait no! it is the people that are now out of work because their job involved having people come together in large numbers in close quarters and pay for a show(lie) that makes them feel good about things and involves audience participation.

Religion: the friggen circus act that got large amounts of people to subscribe to it, and then teach their kids to do the same.

So effectively, with so many people, the top clowns became defacto rulers that could even convince people to march off to war and death on their behalf.

Eh sorry rant/vent over.

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How will praying help

How will praying help anything? Obviously, not in the "real world" but in the religious thinking too. Why does God need prayer to help people? Is he so narcissistic, is he so dependent to our prayer? Oh, I thought god stands above all human wishes, and we only need to trust him. But if we trust in god that his ways are good we don't need to pray that he do other things than he is doing in this moment. God, you are a crazy dude

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"How will praying help anything?"

Good question. It doesn't as far as I can tell.

IMO ,praying and other religious rituals are based on the same logical fallacy : "post hoc ergo propter hoc" (after this, therefore because of this)

Rituals, such as rain dances and later human sacrifices and much later prayer and religious rituals have all been believed to have an effect on some god or spirit. Possibly starting in prehistory when some one noticed that it started or stopped raining right after they had done a little dance----- Christian prayer and ritual isn't really any more sophisticated at base.

Thought for today ; "Religion; Man's attempt to communicate with the weather"" (Graffito Cambridge 2000)

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Mike pence is a religious

Mike pence is a religious moron. No country needs someone in power, that is so deluded and fails so miserably at basic reason.

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"No country needs someone in power, that fails miserably at basic reason."

Too true, but I think a bit late in the day for the USA. Not a comforting thought to realise that Mike Pence will replace Trump should the prez catch coronavirus and die. Could he possibly be worse?

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I am far more frightened by

I am far more frightened by Pence than by trump. Pence is drooling for ‘The Rapture’.

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I was more afraid of Drumpfus

I was more afraid of Drumpfus then Pence at the start, simply because I thought he would push a nuke button when someone did not tell him that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. 3+ years later, it seems staff managed to hide the nuclear football from him when he went on one of his tirades. He keeps his damage to the digital, mostly Twitter.

Pence is a zealot that thinks he is getting his marching orders from "god." Scary indeed. His ultimate reasoning is imaginary, instead of pure greed/narcissism like trump, which as bad as it is, is something someone can understand.

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Pence is a zealot… He seems

Pence is a zealot… He seems to play the role with enough sincerity to get the Christian right on board. And his position seems to be secured by and dependent upon the apparent sincerity of that belief, so he benefits by actually believing.

Donald Trump walks the walk, and it gets him votes. It feels disingenuous and manipulative. But Christians have faith, so it works on them and he knows it.

But about Mike Pence… Does he really believe that sending money to the church makes coronavirus go away? How would that work? How much money does this ad hoc church fundraiser coronadrive require to make the bad corona go bye bye? Is there a results scale, like if the church needs, say, $2 million, but gets $1.5 million, does it fight coronavirus? Is the church developing testing, preventions, or cures?

Or is it because of a belief that Coronavirus has supernatural causes that can be cured by sending money to the church?

By what mechanism does donating money to the church yield results agains the fight against coronavirus? How does it work?

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