NASA Scientists find backwards neutrinos...holy shit!

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NASA Scientists find backwards neutrinos...holy shit!

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Whitefire13's picture is there any is there any “meaning” (I read the article - maybe I missed something) or application? I know about “neutrinos” but I’m not getting it ... backwards ... is this a time travel thing???? :)

Edited to add ‘cause I saw you called out - my turn -
Oh great and wonderful blue butterfly - please answer our calls also...

HOLY FUCK! I just watched the YouTube this real?!?! Or hoax... time travel (backwards) in a parallel universe

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I am not sure if this is real

I am not sure if this is real. But they are talking as if they have witnessed matter traveling backwards in time...So I don't think time travel per say. But WTF...This is big fucking news if real...and after some net research, can't find much? Hmmmmm. Its pissing off this sceptical chimp mind.

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@dog: Certainly interesting

@dog: Certainly interesting. I found the articles a bit silly. Obviously the reporters are attempting to sensationalize and don't actually understand what the scientists are trying to explain to them....

"Scientists say that so far, they can’t reject the possibility of a parallel universe where time flows backward."

"I can't reject the possibility of a God, but then I don't have to, the burden of proof is on the person making the positive claim."

"At least they admit - "Although this has been proposed and studies seem to back up the find, the discovery is far from confirmed."

Is this double talk or just me? The "find" is backed up..... Not the imaginary guess of alternate universes moving backwards in time.

Anyway. Very interesting article. The new find is consistently referenced as "particles" Then the constant "may have," "Might have" language. It seems to me that they may have discovered something interesting and still don't know what to do with it yet. That, of course, does not make it any less interesting, even without all the amazing claims.

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The goofy part brother, is


The goofy part brother, is that nowhere on the NASA site can I find validation of this high energy neutrino detection. ??? I know NASA is slow...but...this is big news, if real.

Seeing these type high energy tau neutrinos, due to mass, are an impossibility to make it through the earth without hitting something, but did...shows these detected events do not align with the standard model...making these distinct events/neutrinos, subject to there measurement, not being part of a forward moving that due to there trajectory, may have been moving backward through time.

Which makes sense using what we know about particle physics.

Anyone know if this is real?

PS. Is knowledge linear, or an event? Does knowledge change with passing of time either forward or reverse. Can we assume that this parallel universe has immense knowledge? or not? As we progress in time, our knowledge increases, does their knowledge decrease? Or remain tau with passage in time? I am assuming, if we may have witnessed matter traveling backward in time, and that we can see it while traveling forward in time, that static things like knowledge are not affected by time. Holy shit...lots to think about if this is actually true.
Like due to supersymmetry we have our dopplegangers in the other universe, have they also constructed a god belief? Two universes of mostly deluded people, is too much. LOL.

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Prove to me that we don't

Prove to me that we don't actually experience time going backwards. I don't see any way to show we aren't all like Benjamin Buttons.

While an interesting find, it is far too early to form conclusions or attempt to understand the implications of those conclusions.

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Phssstaatt! You ‘all are

Phssstaatt! You ‘all are pissed that one of my many imaginative wonderings IS TRUE - and it’s true ‘cause I have FAITH it’s true!!!

Now excuse me while I color my cardboard box, set up the thingamajigger and propel myself into this cool universe!

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I'm going there just long

I'm going there just long enough to go backwards to before Covid-19 hit. Then I'm going to sell short the market and become rich.

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I'm going there just long

I'm going there just long enough to go backwards to before Covid-19 hit. Then I'm going to sell short the market and become rich.

Several iterations and Bezos will be challenged.

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In the mathematics

In the mathematics underpinning the Standard Model, a positron is the same thing as an electron moving backwards in time.

What this has to do with the story in question, I don't know.

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No...from what I understand,


No...from what I understand, specific uhe neutrinos with more energy and larger mass, are observed on a trajectory through the earth and up through the antarctic ice, where recorded, into space, when due to size, is an impossibility. They are not in alignment with the standard model. However they are in alignment with the two universe supersymmetry hypothesis or mirror universes originating at the big bang.

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The best I can discern, they

The best I can discern, they have found neutrinos that do not act as neutrinos act. OK, this may open the door for a revamped Standard Model.

The headlines from some articles are dramatic and misleading.

But this is presently a mystery, and this is what science is all about, discovering new things and figuring them out.

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