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New to forum

Hi all,
I'm new to this forum and would like to chat with other like minded types. To introduce myself, where is the zip file version of my biography.
I was born into a family of evangelical fundamentalist Christians who impressed upon me, each and every day, that I was a sinner due to a crime I didn't commit & was not even born when it happened. However, I was told it was ok because a guy I never knew sacrificed himself to himself to appease himself for sins he knew we were going to commit anyway. Even from an early age it made no sense to me and is making less as I grow older. I tried to gently tell my parents my views without incurring their wrath but failed each time. The lesson I learned from this is that one cannot negotiate or compromise with a fundamentalist- you are either completely in agreement with them or you are in Satan's employment. By the time I reached 18 years old I realised I had only two choices; leave home now or become like my parents. Every atom of my body screamed out for freedom from their oppressive, bigoted, racist & homophobic views & so I left home. In doing so I was branded the black sheep and they gloated over every misfortune I had & claimed it to be God's vengeance. On one occasion I was in a serious accident & was clinically dead for several minutes until revived by paramedics - I didn't see any tunnels of white light or angels. I was forbidden to meet my brothers-in-law and any of my sisters' children lest I pollute their minds. This was justified as I once told a nephew that humans and dinosaurs did not co-exist and that the earth is considerably older than 6,000 years - I got into a lot of trouble for this. My parents despaired when I sought higher education as they believed learning was needless & never attended my graduations. As I am the only member of my extended family to have completed senior high school, I am alone. When I became a librarian they reminded me that there was only one book anyone needed in life. The worst of this was it divided my family while I only ever sought their friendship. My worst memory of all was when my father lay dying in hospital he loudly and repeatedly cursed me on his deathbed for not being the Christian son he hoped I would be. Even though the nurses told me he was just ranting, the words cut deep and he passed soon after. Decades have passed & I am still no closer to my family in spite of my repeated efforts, for the only thing they want to hear from me is my unconditional salvation to their brand of Christianity. Looking back it saddens me that their parental love was made conditional upon my acceptance of their religion - for conditional love is not true love, particularly when you say "I will love you if..." I sometimes fantasize what it would have been like had I been born into a normal family who taught me how to value and live this life, rather than waste my precious life focussed on some life hereafter.

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Welcome to Atheist Republic

Welcome to Atheist Republic RedRod. Sadly, you are not alone in how religion has divided famiies and warped relationships.

But you are now free of those crippling expectations and can make your own life, one free of stupid restrictions.

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Welcome aboard. Don't take

Welcome aboard. Don't take any rides from the guy on the trike. Don't give oil to the Tin Man. Stay under the radar when Cyber is around. Crusty is only crusty on the outside and Capetian Jack may or may not be a real captain of anything, no one knows, but we all humor him. We certainly want to know which side of the fence you are on. Blue Universe creating Bunnies or The Big Yellow Omnipotent and All Powerful Universe Creating Banana? Your vote could sway the momentum of the debate. Choose wisely primate!!!

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Welcome to AR pal,

Welcome to AR pal,

Hopefully you may find some solace or at least some laughs amongst like minded people.

Sorry to hear about your past, quite a harrowing story! Even more tragic is how common the key points tend to be.

Just rest in the knowledge that you are a good person, who's only crime is critically think, be honest with themselves and not waste their lives in the pursuit of paying homage to a pan dimensional cosmic wizard.

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Hello RedRod, Welcome here!

Hello RedRod, Welcome here!

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Welcome RedRod, thank you for

Welcome RedRod, thank you for sharing your story.

I think it helps everyone to share, including yourself.

Absolutely sucks the divide religion creates, (it is not coming from you, you would love to be with them even if they think differently from you.

Religion is insidious this way, it can not be reasoned with, bargained with, its eithir accept or gtfo for far to many folks tied up in the religion con.

Know you have found a nice community of like minded individuals, feel free to rant, and we will read it, and perhaps share our own stories or insights if wanted.

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Hey mate,

Hey mate,

welcome. Do not accept gifts of bananas or anything from Cog. If he asks you to wear a pig, just run.

That said everyone else is varying degrees of normal, except Tin Man, he does appreciate a oil rub down and nipple grease from time to time to keep his thought processes lubricated he says...

Anyhoo, enjoy the debates here, they do get robust and there are some amazing people on these forums that really know their stuff. Scientists, Historians, Psyches, Amateur name it they are all here and willing to share. I have learnt a truckload just by reading the posts and following their links. Some of them have become firm online friends and correspondents....

So, dig in, relax, you are among friends. Just watch out for Cog when he starts his poo flinging antics*sigh*

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@Old Man Re: "...except Tin

@Old Man Re: "...except Tin Man, he does appreciate a oil rub down and nipple grease from time to time to keep his thought processes lubricated he says..."

Look, in my defense, it is a proven scientific fact that nipple grease rub downs help promote healthier and faster mental processes. I read it on a legitimate internet site, so it MUST BE true. If you don't believe me, feel free to look it up yourself. If I remember correctly, I think the site was called "P or N Hub". Pretty sure it stands for "Psychology or Neurology Hub", or something like that. And let me tell you, they have some really fascinating educational videos on that site. Oddly enough, though, the videos seem to be mostly about anatomy... *shrugging shoulders*...

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Oh, hey! Sorry about that,

Oh, hey! Sorry about that, Red. Didn't mean to be rude. Got distracted thinking about that Psychology site. Welcome to the AR. As you can see, we have quite a crew here. Be advised, though, there is more than one reason Old Man wears that nice shiny helmet of his, and it has nothing to do with riding his trike. And, uh, yeah, you really do need to clear the area when Cog starts his poo flinging. It is especially bad if he does it the day after Taco Tuesday. Just sayin'. Anyway, welcome aboard. Make yourself at home, and be mindful of the banana peel on the bathroom doorknob.

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G'day mate, welcome from

G'day mate, welcome from sunny South Australia

I can only imagine the anger and sadness with which you have dealt. What frightened little people they seem . Congratulations on your achievements . I do know how difficult further study can be without parental support. (I was the first member of my family to attend university; part time ,while working full time )

Sadly, I was not surprised to learn of your parents' anti intellectualism .Although purblind ignorance is not a requirement for believers, it's a distinct advantage. Certainly for literalist fundamentalism . Some such people often seem incapable of abstract thought.

You will almost certainly find support and like minds on this forum.


OT: I'd like to make a small suggestion. I find a wall of text hard going. I 'd really appreciate it if you could have go at breaking such large passages into paragraphs.This a minor quibble. I'm not going to get bent out of shape if you choose not.

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Welcome to AR! Feel free to

Welcome to AR! Feel free to join us in the debate forums.

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Welcome to our little forum!

Welcome to our little forum!

That's awful... I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine what all that must be like- your father literally dying hating you for valuing knowledge and critical thinking over his delusion. But at least you're lucky enough to not end up brainwashed like them! You are now free.

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