For non atheists, how do you define your god?

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For non atheists, how do you define your god?

Just like how it's stated in the sub headline of the header of our forum, we are atheist that cares.

And before we all dwell in debating each and every aspect of gods that we want to prove and disprove, it is in my honest opinion that I think those who want's to defend it must at least have the decency of defining it.

Whether your god is of the Christians, Muslims or Hindus, they all share the same level of existence of a supernatural being.

Thus I challenge you to prove that you even have an idea of what it is that you are defending?

So, for believers, how do you define god?

Let's make this thread not a debating thread but a neutral ground for atheists and non-atheists a like to hear the definition of a god without further means of debating on the topic.

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For me it is simple, God

For me it is simple, God exists where there is peace, happiness, and humanity.

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That's very nice of you to

That's very nice of you to say. Good to know to have another one in here who can define the thing that he is defending. Anyone else?

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Thanks Serjaydee. For me it

Thanks Serjaydee. For me it is not about idol, name, religion, or anything, it's all about humanity, love. I do not care or bother to go argue to prove existence or nonexistence of God.

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I don't mind people who

I don't mind people who follow religion, or even very religious people, just that it should be kept to themselves instead of trying to convert others. Leave everyone to their own business.

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That is a nice thing to say

That is a nice thing to say of you. I too would like to think that way. It's a very good view of how the world should be. I guess it just happen so that a lot of people would like to stir it up with a lot of different views and beliefs just like us. But as long as there are people who would trick others to be converted into their religion, I don't mind challenging them. That's just me of course.

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In the simplest terms

In the simplest terms possible, I would say that God is defined as the personal creator and sustainer of our universe.

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