Christianity Must Destroy Reason Before It Can Introduce Faith

Christianity Destroys Reason

"Just as Christianity must destroy reason before it can introduce faith, so it must destroy happiness before it can introduce salvation."

- George H. Smith

Quote Source: Atheism - The Case Against God (The Skeptic's Bookshelf)

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Oh, and it's done a fine job

Oh, and it's done a fine job of that, certainly. Over the years they have pretty much taken everything that is enjoyable in life, and demonized it. Apparently no fun can be had until you reach the afterlife... it had better be a wild party up there, because those theists are missing out on a great one here!

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I don't really agree with

I don't really agree with this one. One can have Christian salvation with happiness and reason with Christian faith. Unfortunately, few fit this bill and I do see how things can be viewed this way.

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I don't think that I get this

I don't think that I get this one. Either I am tired and the cold meds are kicking in or this one is just to deep for me. Could someone explain it better to me?

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