To Everyone Who Opposes Gay Marriage...

Opposing Gay Marriage

To everyone who opposes gay marriage or believes that your bible gives you the moral authority to dictate the rights of others. Your children will look back at you like we look at those who told blacks and women that they didn’t have the same rights as white men. You are on the wrong side of history and your bullshit will die with you.

Quote Source: r/Atheism

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I tend to think there will be

I tend to think there will be new groups that will believe in such moral authority for all of eternity, there always has been and there likely always will be, so history is actually on the side of these people and likely will be the continuance of their bullshit or some new bullshit to take its place.

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I can't believe people give a

I can't believe people give a flying whatever about gay rights. So long as they're human, they should have the same rights as anyone else. It's really that simple.

This isn't about religion, this is about politics. Aren't we supposed to have a separation of church and state? As long as gay people pay taxes, no one has a right to deny them anything that other tax paying citizens enjoy.

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Absolutely! Well said!

Absolutely! Well said!

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There will always be

There will always be soemthing that we have to overcome and will probably be seen as ridiculous in the future. Just like now we look at the romans in the days of the empire as crazy for believing in several gods, one day it will seem ridiculous to believe in any at all.

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I think this is one of the

I think this is one of the most ridiculous "quotes" I have seen in quite a while. It shouldn't even be listed as a quote as it's just a childish rant written by someone who isn't even part of the cause. They are just the small percentage of people who are so full of angst that they can't even complete a coherent sentence without the use of foul language and that only serves to devalue the very cause they are "fighting" for.

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