A request to the honorable Professor Richard Dawkins

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A request to the honorable Professor Richard Dawkins

Well, Professor Richard Dawkins, I thought I would ask you for something after completing the writing of my life up to 2014; but I can’t manage time and situation to complete this writing. I just have written up to 2001 of my life; 13 years are still left to be written, these 13 years are the damn twisted parts of my life. My intention is not just to share my life with you, rather to show you mathematically, whether I am a loser or not, because of being an atheist; and to complete my personal research on “How much negative impact Islam is making in exploring the talents of our country Bangladesh”. I am mentally and psychologically working on this research; I am thinking and working on research model and statistical model. I am developing questionnaires for this research; I have made 15 questions to be asked to the talents students of Bangladesh—mainly from the students of Dhaka University and the students of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), they are expected to be the most talented students of Bangladesh. By the answers of those questions I would able to make a good statistical assumption about the talent of the students and their Islamic disease that is killing their talent to be explored completely. I am thinking more and more about the research model. If I ever can make my writing completed for formal presentation, then I will make its chapters and bibliography. It’s true that I could not have completed my under graduation and I could not make good result in my SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC, but many of my friends have completed their final thesis papers of their under graduation and graduation with the help of mine, some of them have completely done their papers by me—giving me some money. They all have made their good careers, they think that I could not have completed my under graduation and I don’t have a good career, just because of that I don’t believe in Allah. To answer, why I could not have completed my under graduation requires completing my writing. I will tell you in later passages of my writing that how much contribution I have made in spreading the light of science and reason in my surrounding and how many numbers of my friends I have made cured from their Islamic disease. However, now, professor Dawkins—my earnest request to you, please give me any kind of job that will pay me an amount of money, so that I can give at least 300USD to my family after my very average survival. I think, I should have the right to live and work any where in the world, since I am physically and mentally fit enough to sell my physical or mental labor.

I wish I could be a clerk of any authors and professors like you or like Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, Lawrence Krauss, and Neil deGrasse Tyson—any of them. I even highly eager to be a maid or servant of them; it sounds, I don’t have any self esteem; no, not at all, basically, I want to be close to the highest level of intelligent mind of this time by any means. I am willing to do any kind of work out side the Bangladesh, but not in Bangladesh, because all would treat me as talented loser—because of not believing Allah. My wildest dream is that if it would have happened with you that you have been persuaded by me and feel a strong sympathy to manage any scholarship for me to complete my under graduation again on B.Sc. in Psychology or Anthropology. I will be 28 years old in coming 10th may 2015, I wish I could get admitted in any university to complete my under graduation when I will be 32 years old, and my masters when I will be 34 years old and my PhD before getting 4o; then I can be a global human resource like you.

There is saying—‘wildest dream never comes true’, so I don’t hope for it, but please at least heal me from the hell of Bangladesh and give me any kind of work to do, so that I can live, read, think and write freely. Professor Dawkins I am begging to you! You can give me a new life to live up... if you don’t respond me; it will be harder for me to find the reason to continue my life. Thank you so much, if you have heard me.

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To the best of my knowledge .

To the best of my knowledge ....
Mr Dawkins does not frequent this board ....
It may be more productive ,from your point of view , to become a member of the Richard Dawkins Foundation.....
Find link below....


Im not sure if they list Dawkins's E-mail ,but there is a link to his Twitter account...any way your posts are more likely to come to his attention there rather than here....

I wish you well with your quest.....
However it turns out....keep fighting.

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Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind advice. I did it and I hope I will have the response soon.

Anistein Babu's picture
Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind advice. I did it and I hope I will have the response soon.

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