So the bible is a real book, however is it ultimate truth?

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I'm pretty sure anyone with

I'm pretty sure anyone with immense desires for power show {Edit: signs of wanting to show dominance in every way imaginable (or how the two gentlemen who corrected me originally put it).}

And I'm not putting anything on homosexuality here, I would assume that somebody so hungry for control would also desire sexual favours from everybody{also part of Edit in brackets here, sexual favours not out of love but out of dominance, see "King Tut" I think, if he was even real I don't remember. Sex can be used for manipulation too, I learned this in the studies of narcissism, the martyr parent, and emotional incest. There's physical incest too, thankfully I didn't experience that version. Also had a pedo daycare worker as a kid who did get caught, it was the same martyr parent that messed me up that made him nervous, I was next in his plans, he turned himself in first, thankfully. Anyways, I remember his game. I remember confident friends turning quiet. He was ready to use sex as manipulation as he already had. This edit in the brackets here probably just made this post even worse. I'm trying with the best intentions not to provoke insult here I promise.}

The entire inbred history of the royal family regardless of who gained power. The Roman Catholic church. Muslim extremists. Any extremist, I wasn't picking on Muslims. America's rich. Nevermind the international human trafficking.

There's people who crave power everywhere. MJ was accused of pedophilia so often, the pop industry couldn't get him out of their way fast enough when they realised he wanted to do things privately. And he looked cooky enough for anyone to believe it but all evidence points away. Don't know how MJ got here ignore this lol. Or at least youtube "Dave Dave Larry King" the day after Michael Jacksons death and ask yourself why Dave Dave sounds like Michael and not the real Dave Dave, and ask yourself why Dave Dave has fingers when he sounds like Michael.

Then all the good hearted leaders or anyone wanting to use their own currency dying..

Damn right I believe King James swung both ways. Edit: And yes my brain went everywhere here.

Edit: This was a rushed post. I added hopeful better context to what I was attempting to quickly put down. Obviously the original version has been quoted and I only edited keeping that in mind, hoping new readers don't start off lit up over a misunderstanding.

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@Silly Bill E.

@Silly Bill E.

"I'm pretty sure anyone with immense desires for power show signs of homosexuality."

Now that's an unsupported ,sweeping generalisation

"And I'm not putting anything on homosexuality here, I would assume that somebody so hungry for control would also desire sexual favours from everybody."

Actually , I think your homophobia is showing. An unsupported and insulting assumption to make.

Yes,I agree King James was gay. It's fairly well documented. So fucking what? it's a long leap from there to claiming his alleged power hunger was caused by his homosexuality. Even more so to extending such a claim to include an indefinite number of anonymous others..

Of course I could be mistaken. You may in fact have proof of your claims. Let' see it.

A gentle warning ; homophobic comments are against forum rules.

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If you're going to generalize

If you're going to generalize a portion of a comment, don't be surprised to find a generalization..

I think you'll now find that you are self projecting your own homophobia.

I spoke no evil of it.

I spoke of people who desire immense amounts of power. Are they not allowed to have homosexual tendencies? Who's homophobic here?

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@Sill Bill E.

@Sill Bill E.

"I spoke of people who desire immense amounts of power. Are they not allowed to have homosexual tendencies? Who's homophobic here?"

Sorry to disagree, but I'm pretty sure it's you. Not surprised you can't see it. Bigots rarely admit to being bigoted.

Accusing me of homophobia is tu quo que and irrelevant

You wrote:

"I'm sure ANYONE with immense desires for power shows signs of homosexuality"

Sorry to piss in your porridge sonny, but THAT is an unfounded, generalised homophobic claim.

" I would assume that somebody so hungry for control would also desire sexual favours from everybody".
Another unfounded generalised homophobic claim

Perhaps you are not a homophobic bigot. I'm going by what you actually wrote. I'm not a mind reader, I have no way of knowing what you meant.

That's all I have to say to you this matter. Except to say if members here I trust tell me I'm wrong,I will apologise.

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Says the guy making eternal

Says the guy making eternal judgment over a rushed post that wasn't even in response to him for his sense of humour to be tickled.

Listen man I came here because emotional twitter bs doesn't work for me. I know cranky is your gig and your gimmick, but I didn't come here for people who are preset to grumpy, to put whatever context they choose into my words when I'm goofing around with theology, the imaginary.

I didn't come here to offend you nor did I come here to supply you with literature to be angry at. That ain't literature.

Heaven forbid someone smoke a joint and joke about the hypocrisy of those who DID condemn homosexuality WHILE having a large probability of someone who ENGAGED in it.

If you feel insulted from reading that, I'm deeply sorry for your inner wounds.

Who's doing the name calling here cranky?

Who eff bombed and who was joking around on message board?

Enough. I'm on to another thread and I'm not judging this place based off of our interaction.

Your first response, I could have "Ok Karened" you, by the way. I chose not to insult you.

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Fuck**** I see you two have

Fuck**** I see you two have met***... LOL

Old dog with “bite”, meet “new” pup ready to play!

He’s, new pup, learning the language here (and I’m assuming in real life you know two?!?!)

...and think the MAIN point being made is someone out for “power” will try (perhaps) to exercise control in the bedroom as a form of “dominance”

NOW, this is the BAD kind - not the GOOD kind - I don’t want Cog to think I’m power hungry or anything...

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I only know enough Croatian

I only know enough Croatian to get arrested by a Croatian police officer, and ask the officer how he's doing while he arrests me for blasphemy.

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I wouldn't say James was unusually power hungry, either. He isn't remembered as a tyrant or warmonger like his idiot son. He was an early example of a self-righteous hypocrite who was promiscuously homosexual while condemning the same behavior in others.

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'"I wouldn't say James was unusually power hungry, either. He isn't remembered as a tyrant or warmonger like his idiot son. He was an early example of a self-righteous hypocrite who was promiscuously homosexual while condemning the same behavior in others."

Just so.

Was I over reacting to pull Billy up for what I saw [ and still see] as fairly blatant homophobic remarks ? Perhaps he simply expressed himself poorly?

--and that was me compromising.

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I understand how the comment

This post wasn't required. Sorted out in another thread at the same time.

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@cranky47: Was I over

@cranky47: Was I over reacting to pull Billy up for what I saw [ and still see] as fairly blatant homophobic remarks ?

Your reaction was understandable, but I think Billy was really only guilty of rushing ahead to write down a complicated idea and not waiting long enough for his brain to catch up and sort it out properly. All of us here have been guilty of that. I'm glad to see you've settled the misunderstanding, because Billy looks like an interesting contributor.

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Algebe and Cranky... RE:

Algebe and Cranky... RE: young pup

LOL can’t speak for you guys, but I read this “ while Karen is on Facebook, her messed up children are all on Twitter. ”

And thought “who’s Karen??? obviously someone he doesn’t like or is bugging him - and her kids use Twitter?!?!!! Maybe he’s being “picked on” or it’s his family and wants a place to talk without getting “caught” ....

Then coincidently my YouTube feed ran a Young Turks “report” featuring this Karen person freaking out on an Asian wearing black and doing her “stair exercises” in a public place. What “unhinged” Karen? As she interrupted, the girl said “Jesus” under her breath...LOL

Holy Jesus fuckin’Christ!!!!! Eek face galore - this old broad is going to pull out her oozeee if she interrupts me...

Oh, and that the Asian girl was using her stairs and she should go back home to whatever country she came from. That bugged Karen too...

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As I listened to Karen complaining about the woman in black, all I could think was please lengthen those awful purple shorts you're wearing.

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Algebe...found out more

Algebe...found out more information about “Karen”...
My middle boy has troubles sleeping, like myself, so we were up together at 3:30am this morning. I have my coffee and him a coke.

I proudly tell him about this “Karen” person (finally I’m “in the know”).

He starts laughing and pats my head... “Karen” is a name to represent a group of people of similar ‘whatever’ and is usually used negatively.
It started, he said, as identified “soccer moms” and is now a catch all - like “asshole” (the bad kind, not the adorable kind, like my boys and Tin). It is not her actual name.

I have no idea why my boys even listen to me!!! LOL

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Karen is straight up a word

Karen is straight up a word for narcissist that younger generations found a word for, it's quite brilliant really, for youngsters to come up with. Because until they came up with that, we didn't have a word that insulted a narcissist. Narcissists have been invincible for a long time as long as they have their source to suck blood and souls from. Until they named the female version Karen.

I'm going to throw in there that kids think this is theirs, & I've seen some in the black community claim it was their invention for white people. I don't truly know where it came from. However, as a person well studied on narcissism and other psychological atrocities, I had a good laugh when I found out.

There are Karen's in every culture whether they agree or not, narcissists never agree so you may be talking to a Karen in calm mode if someone is disagreeing.

I'm going to continue with the black community's description of Karen and her culture, because it's the most extensive, kids kinda stop with Karen, the black community has acknowledged the whole family though.

It starts with Susan. Susan is a covert narcissist, she gaslights with mother Theresa's smile, but has Trumps eyes. Susan is a real bitch. She tears families apart with her abuse, and she teaches the next generation to be... Susan is about 45 and up, we don't know where this ends or how it evolves yet.

Karen. Karen is also a real bitch filled with pain, and she's so indulged in it that she has lost the will to properly communicate and will generally just constantly repeat whatever she sees on the trashiest of her television shows. Karen is about 35-50. She loves to talk to the manager. Karen will eventually become a stone thinking she healed herself, but what really happens is she evolves into a Susan.

Becky is Karen's kid. She is also in pain, but not as much because Karen is still gaslighting her. It's not over yet for Becky. Becky will take her anger out protesting, not minding her own business, and all the usual Karen things Karen taught her. Becky is under 35. Ages differ in all generations.

Now remember Susan? Her enabler is Walter.

Remember Karen? Her husband, Richard, is in jail because prison heals Karen.

Remember Becky? Yeah, Chad fuck and chucked her last night.

It's all the circle of narcissism really. It's everywhere, in every culture, but mostly white folk that are extremely confused.

A narcissist is ultimately a child not knowing they're pretending to adult horribly, there's so many flavours and variants of it, its just hilarious humanity came up with six words that offend them.

And because it's narcissism, I'm well aware my culture is regulating this cycle.

Anyways. Remember I'm terrible at moving info around, I tried my best to paraphrase.

Fair warning, whoever gets mad at this post is getting Ok Karened. I'm not responsible for this one.

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Is the Bible the truth?

Is the Bible the truth?

I have the easy answer for anybody who is willing to do a short science experiment.

But before I explain the experiment, let me make sure this is crystal clear, DO NOT USE THE KNIFE. NO MATTER HOW REAL GOD MAY BE TO YOU. I AM NOT GOD, I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO DO THIS. THIS IS HYPOTHETICAL 100%>

Okay. Ahem.

Go to the kitchen.

Get a knife, place knife on counter.

Drop your pants and underwear if you are wearing one or the other or both.

Pick up knife, point in the direction of genitals. Don't use the knife, just point and listen to your brain. If your brain says jab or stab at this point, don't listen to your brain anymore, go see the doctor. I take no responsibility, you're an idiot if you jabbed or stabbed.

Okay, now listen to your brain. God once gave humanity the instruction to cut one's genitalia. I however, am telling you not to. You've never been given this choice before.

But now, who do you want to give twenty bucks to on Sunday? God? Or me?

Who are you going to buy into on Sunday now that you have the choice to choose?

(If you think this is too much, you should hear my hypothetical cliffbaby experiment.)

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@SillBill Re: Knife

@SillBill Re: Knife Experiment

Sooooo... Uh, since my wife won't let me play with sharp objects, I had to use a ball peen hammer. And after reading Grin's experience, I generated a force shield around my kitchen to keep any uninvited rams from materializing within to interfere. So, that being said, here's-a-whatta-happened...

Since I rarely wear pants/underwear around the house, I was able to skip that step. Off to a good start so far. Sadly, it got worse from there. To keep my mind occupied while waiting for God to speak to me, I had some music playing, during which time "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins came on. (I LOVE that song!) So, uh, anyway, you know the part when the drums suddenly come in? It's just total reflex to play "air drums" at that point... and I'm holding this hammer.... with my junk laying out on the table... and, uh, well..... I suppose you can imagine the results... *cringe*... Anyway, when I woke up in the hospital, the doctor told me the swelling should go down within a few days, but I will likely be talking with a much higher pitched voice for the next few weeks. Oh, and I never heard a damn word from God. Although, I do seem to recall hearing some strange laughter just as I was passing out.... *scratching head*...

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Well unfortunately, the

Well unfortunately, the laughter was your wife. But the good news is, the wild Palestinian mountain ram got her.

When she comes home, she won't have the same sense of humour. You know how imaginary things always seem to punish people.

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@SillBill Re: "Well

@SillBill Re: "Well unfortunately, the laughter was your wife. But the good news is, the wild Palestinian mountain ram got her."

Ah... *nodding head in agreement*... Yeah, now that you mention it, that laugh DID sound a bit familiar.... *sudden look of alarm*... Oh no, though! You said the mountain ram managed to get in? Oh, dear. Must have been when the force shield was deactivated to let the medics through... *hanging head in sadness*... Poor little mountain ram. It never stood a chance. The wifey is very protective of the dishwasher... *sad sigh*... On the plus side, though, looks like we won't be having to visit the butcher for the next few weeks. Anybody know any good recipes for ram meat? .. *drool*....

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Ah, you have a good wife. A

Ah, you have a good wife. A real battle axe.

As for ram recipes, you know, I never thought I'd recommend this book for anything other than disbelieving God, but I think I remember the Bible having a recipe or two that apparently smell REALLY good from at least ground level to the clouds.

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@SillBill Re: "Ah, you have

@SillBill Re: "Ah, you have a good wife. A real battle axe."

Thanks. Yep, she's a keeper. But I wouldn't exactly say "battle axe", though. More like a deceptively fiendish and alluringly vicious scrapper. (In other words, she no play fair.) Not saying I am scared of her, exactly. But I DO have a VERY healthy respect for her capabilities... *chuckle*...

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Ah. A real prized Siren, and

Ah. A real prized Siren, and you've managed to coexist fruitfully.

I had a viscous partner once, she was all grown up of course, but a real child of the corn she was. I had to make sure I moved out in broad daylight when her unsuspecting father was visiting, so she had to wear the fake smile the entire time I was escaping.

Your life sounds wonderful. I need a ram killer.

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@ Silly Bill E. Welcome to AR

@ Silly Bill E. Welcome to AR.
I tried your experiment.
Here's what happened.

I got the sharpest knife I have from the kitchen, dropped my pants and pointed the blade at my genitals. I listened to my brain but didn't hear anything. I waited...nothing.
I was about to give it up when suddely there was a flash of light and there in my kitchen was a fucking wild Palestinian mountain ram! In my kitchen!! He was more surprised than I was. We stared at each other in shock.
Then he went crazy, bucking and ramming into the stove, refrigerator and cabinets. He did a shitload of damage. I tried to stop him but it was difficult with my pants down and tackle hanging out and all. However I did manage to pin him to the floor but he bucked me off, slammed me up against the sink and gored me in the groin, then he went completely nuts on the dishwasher. I grabbed the chance and staggered out of the kitchen and shut him in.

Repairs to the kitchen amounted to several thousand dollars. The Parks and Wildlife Authority has charged me $500 for taking the beast off my hands and then fined me $2000 for keeping an endangered animal without a licence.
My doctor says my painfully bruised genitals will recover but its likely I will never have children. The knife got broken too.
After the police left...they were investigating a domestic report from my neighbours...I lay gingerly on my bed to rest. I shut my eyes...then I heard God's voice.."There was suppose to be a fucking thorn bush...."
I'm keeping the twenty dollars.

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You know how everyone has

You know how everyone has something they were raised with that nobody else is aware of? Eventually we find out when someone corrects us though?

My parents were immigrants, English was not their first language.

I thought ashtray was asstray until I was 19.

I thought soldier, shoulder, shouldgier were all the same word until I was corrected at 12.

But one thing I always knew, is when a wild Palestinian mountain ram teleports into your kitchen when you have your pants down and a knife held to your jollies... You just start jerking off in the fridge and it calms the ram down, when you "finish", he disappears.

I don't even know why you have a dishwasher, wild Palestinian mountain rams are Muslim, they fn hate dishwashers.

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@ Silly Bill E

@ Silly Bill E
I use the dishwasher to hide in when the occasional Elishan bears that turn up every so often. I still taunt him with "old fat droopy draws baldy".
As for jerking off in the fridge, its just too damn cold.

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I was curious to give it a

I was curious to give it a shot. Wiped the tomato juice off the blade, on my skirt, and gave it a hoist. Damn.
Set knife down, never deterred, and ran to the bedroom and promptly got Barney.
Held him in place, (oh what magnificence)...and held the blade just as instructed.
I stood waiting for a moment (takes a bit for the brain juice to get flowing)...

“What in fucks’ name are you doing?!?!!” I was shocked as shit!!!! ooo dddd - I quietly sputtered

My oldest boy opened the fridge door with a “what the fuck” look on his face, grabbed his coke and headed back downstairs.

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Love it.

Love it.

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Silly Bill E. - I'm pretty

Silly Bill E. - I'm pretty sure anyone with immense desires for power show signs of homosexuality.

You are walking on some thin ice there. This isn't the place you want to be casting aspersions at homosexuals/homosexuality. I recommend taking a step back from the precipice, as there won't be another warning.

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Right before the period, add

Right before the period, add in "and heterosexuality".

I had a dog in my lap, the province just opened up, I just bought a vehicle and I haven't been allowed to drive for 8 years.

I am not in charge of your feelings and nobody is attacking you.

In fact, I'm more insulted that people keep assuming my sexual orientation. I've made under twenty posts here, I don't know how you type yet, you don't know how I type yet.

Eventually cooks in the kitchen don't have to verbally communicate, they just know what each other are doing.

It's day one. I'm not the devil. The devil doesn't exist.

I also have a brain to delivery problem. Maybe I should be more communicative of that. I don't always finish a sentence properly. I've been more than open about who I am on here.

I haven't pushed my ability to be offended on anyone here. I'm not that petty. I don't know you, and I'm not being paid to assume who you are either.

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I’m sneaking in behind and smelling.

I like the scent... you have a few “fleas”, probably from playing outside so much.

Nothing that can’t be fixed- —. .. my youngest gay son would think you’re hilarious (and personally wouldn’t be offended upon further discussion; but that’s just my POV)


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