Sometimes you do it for them

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Sometimes you do it for them

I have a very firm set of beliefs regarding an afterlife and how different it probably is from what is depicted to us. But i just found myself tolerating the catholic point of view of some close relatives, just because i didnt want to hurt their feelings.

I'll give you an example with my mother, who just lost her brother a couple of months ago. She was saying how she knows my uncle and her parents are now all together in heaven watching over us. And while i do not believe there is a concious gathering of relatives in the afterlife, i smiled at her and told her "yes mom, they very likely are". And to be honest with you, i didnt feel like i was betraying my beliefs. I just didnt want to shatter that image that makes my mother cope with the deaths of her relatives with more ease. She is from a generation that wont dare question their indoctrination, and if it helps her deal with certain thins in life, then i will continue to play along for her emotional benefit. And i would do this for anyone i care for.

Anyone else here ever done this for a relative?

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I understand what you mean by

I understand what you mean by that, I think we play along with this kind of things because we dont want to hurt the people we care for although i dont agree anymore i just keep quiet...

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I can totally relate,

I can totally relate, sometimes you have to play along for the sake of the family, because whatever differences we may hold with one another, family bonds should be top priority.

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