Stop Childhood Indoctrination Into Religion - A Message of Hope

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Stop Childhood Indoctrination Into Religion - A Message of Hope

A child who has just entered existence has absolutely no knowledge of the universe around him/her. A newborn relies completely on its parents for everything from nutrition to unconditional love. Anybody who reads this will agree that a huge majority of the people on earth claim to believe in one of the many religions because their parents indoctrinated them from a very young age. It is simply a constant cycle of indoctrination from generation to generation. By stopping childhood indoctrination, the newer generations will be able to make a choice for themselves after they have thoroughly researched the alternatives. It is very possible that these fresh, brilliant minds will understand that the world would be better without the dividing hostile barrier that is religion. The major problem is that many religions such as Catholicism/Christianity teach their members that childhood indoctrination is required because a pure, innocent child is actually filled with original sin. The members of these types of religions are left no choice because they are under the delusion that their child might suffer excommunication from the church and hell in the afterlife. Once the child is indoctrinated he/she will follow a life of delusion in which they will blindly follow religious claims without evidence and ignore scientific facts and logic. In a world where religion has caused division, ignorance, and bloodshed over imaginary entities parents would be making a huge positive impact on society by not indoctrinating their children into a religion. We do not have all the answers to life, and there is nothing wrong with that. We should encourage freethought, and continue our pursuit of the truth through science, it has been working out well so far, and what we have discovered is already incredibly beautiful in all of its nature.

“Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

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@THE PROBLEM WITH THE WORLD TODAY is that everyone who knows how to fix all the problems is driving a taxi.

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@Cog Re: "...everyone who

@Cog Re: "...everyone who knows how to fix all the problems is driving a taxi."

Or serving drinks behind a bar.

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And taxis are a rapidly dying

And taxis are a rapidly dying industry. Soon I will no longer be able to get sage advice from a taxi cab driver.

The uber/lyft/other ride sharing that I use, they just ask if they can turn the music up after they go through whatever necessary small talk they deemed appropriate.

And I still think most of our ride sharing stuff will be by computer in 10 years or so, with mass adoption within 20 years at current trends. (Even the technophobes are going to be interested in saving over 50 percent on ride fare cost, and get over their tech/computer fears pretty quick!)

Then finally I can post on these forums in peace while be transported to my destination.

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@Zig Zag

@Zig Zag

Have some children do you?

If not, I suggest you teach a few parents about your brilliant brilliant ideas. . Parents love to receive unsolicited parenting advice from other parents,. They just live to receive such advice from childless experts.

An internet forum is not the first place of which I think when looking for answers to complex issues.

Pretty sure solutions are not available in 500 words from an opinionated autodidact who has yet to master the use of paragraphs .(no offence)

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@Zig Zag:

@Zig Zag:

To stop childhood indoctrination you'd need to impose a powerful state machine along the lines of Stalinist Russia or North Korea. And in effect you'd be replacing one flavor of indoctrination with another.

I agree that childhood indoctrination is a self-perpetuating evil, but the only way to beat it is persuasion, especially through humor. Religion is in decline just about everywhere because of its self-evident follies and the egregious behavior of its leaders. Never hinder your enemies when they're making mistakes. And never turn fanatics into martyrs.

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