Religion does more than just hurt people

Religion Kills - Dave Muscato

Religion does more than just hurt people. Religion kills people.

- Dave Muscato

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This is true and to date

This is true and to date nothing kills more people than religion.

I find this highly ironic as Judaism based religions like Islam and Christianity which are probably two of the heavyweights when it comes to religious killing. both accept the Old testament in which God give the 10 commandments the sixth of which say Thou shalt not kill. Even though Leviticus which is in the same book tells people repetitively to kill people if they do certain things and puts teh blame on those who are being murdered.

Those who are faithful and take such rules to heart would actually carry a direct contradiction breaking the sixth rule of the 10 commandments which were supposedly given by God himself to Moses on Mt. Sinai are so hypocritical and ignorant I have no idea where to begin them. Perhaps we should treat them like Leviticus would suggest and kill them for the abominations they commit and place the blame on them I think the law would actually side with you in most cases on that one. And if God does exist who knows what side he would take with all the contradictions in the Old Testament.

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