A thought on God

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A thought on God

I was pondering on the concept of God and I came up with this definition :
God is the spawn of the union between a human understanding of mortality and the human desire for immortality.
Your thoughts please

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Religion came about when the

The origin matters not, only the destruction of the evil it produced.

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but don't you agree that a

but don't you agree that a better understanding of the origin is helpful in tackling the evil

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A valid point, but defeating

A valid point, but defeating said evil still has priority. Most certainly a "Sooner, Not Later" concern. Then again, even without direct action, the end of religion is already a forgone conclusion. Even now, not soon enough will it be (please exscuse my Yoda moment.)

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There is no god. There is no

There is no god. There is no evil. There is only what exist good or bad. So to contemplate a god is a complete waste of time.

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I agree. But seeking

I agree. But seeking religions eradication is not.

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That is an interesting idea.

That is an interesting idea. However there is no god and if there were to be, and this was the deity worshipped by so many, I wouldn't want to worship this deity. Religion formed when people wanted easy answers and didn't like the short time of thier own mortality.

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Morality comes from society

Morality comes from society not a god or religion. It has always come from society and never ever came from religion.

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