14 States join the fight to keep cross up in FL

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14 States join the fight to keep cross up in FL

14 State AG from all across the US, have submitted a brief in court saying the giant cross in FL is not religious, but secular.


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This is another example of

This is another example of theists running away from every logical argument that atheists bring to them! " how do you know it's religious???" Hmmm let me think well it's the single most used symbol in Christianity... it's on every Christian church... people wear it around there neck to show support for Jesus, oh and also it's screen printed on the fucking bible???!!! This is why we need to stand united and fight against these issues, for far too long we have sat idol and assumed someone else will argue our point, someone else will fight in court. This is the wrong way of thinking... we gain strength in numbers, we need to fight, yell, march, protest, we need to get countless atheist attorneys that understand every loophole in law! Remember no war no peace! I am not advocating violence, this is a war that we need to fight with words and intelligence, we need to have the greatest minds fighting to remove this slavery promoting, sexist symbol from our government! Until we get a real movement going we will never be free as a society to move away from the majority rule that is theism!!! I'm calling all atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists, and all others that oppose the theistic dictatorship that is our current government, start petitioning in your cities, towns, states and show that this blatant act of religion will no longer go untouched! No longer will we allow theists to get away with shit by appealing to emotions or deaths in war! We will create new truly secular monuments for the fallen, I appreciate everything that the amazingly brave men and women of our military have done for us and we should honer their ultimate sacrifice!!! But I speak only for myself but if I lost my life fighting for my country and you put my name under a cross you would be spitting on my grave!!! The time for discussion is over it's now time to fight!

Thank you for reading sincerely,
Burn your bible

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I feel theist realize the

I feel theist realize the decline in their religion, especially christianity. They deny it, but they also on some level realize it. And they are getting increasingly desperate to hold on to what little they have. Also a certain in power major political power in the US relies on the votes of these theist sheep....

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Well, if the Latin cross is

Well, if the Latin cross is secular and should remain, then they'd have no problem with a Star of David, crescent moon, pentagram, dharma wheel, etc all also being built on that public square using tax payer money, right?
I'm gonna guess the answer is...... no.

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With every generation that

With every generation that passes, there is a decrease in their willingness to follow a blind path. I feel like this will resolve itself. Slowly but surely.

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In terms of overall time of

In terms of overall time of organized religion history. This change is happening incredibly fast.

If you did a graph of people atheist, not religiously affiliated or just do not really care anymore, (do not attend church weekly,) over the last 3-4 thousand years you would see a "hockey stick" like graph.

Unfortunately, incredibly fast is still not within our lifetimes of seeing organized religion going the way of the dodo.

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You're right Logic. I don't

You're right Logic. I don't think we'll see it gone in our lifetimes. I reckon it'll recede into virtually nothing genarationally over time though.

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I have to fundamentally disagree that these issues will resolve themselves. I look back on Baghdad 1000 years ago... they were the pinnacle of math and philosophy yet once the minipulation of numbers were deemed the devils tool all this disappeared. I am young and I speak with people my age and yes there is a great difference between talking with my peers vs with the older generations but one common issue is the lack of searching for truth. As humans I believe we have been indoctrinated to look at a leader, we tend to rarely have an original thought. Now some can argue that even what I am saying now is no thought of mine but I would disagree. I was raised to believe in god without question and this was extremely hard for me to understand, So much so that I spent most of my childhood grounded. I now have a mantra that I tell everyone... question everyone and everything around you! When I think of a genius I do not think IQ I think of people that went against the norm and pushed for new ideas. I can only speak for America but I feel like there is a decline in learning. People latch onto an idea but never take time to learn anything that might oppose their beliefs. That is why I love science... " I have studied this and it's true.. well I tested your hypothesis and it was incorrect" well shit now I have to go back to the drawing board. I want humans to stop their differences and unite for a common cause all while trying to better the next one. Competition is awesome and it allows for better understandings! Please don't sit back and hope others will fight the fight, we need to unite and take back our world from this blind following that may or may not resolve itself.

Burn your bible

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Yes You raise a good point

Yes You raise a good point about the middle east and it's academic demise. I should not have been so broad. I mean that the desire to dollow these things will recede over time... given that we as you say, fight for it.

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Well that was a mistake by

Well that was a mistake by the states because now they have invited the Federal government without the SCOTUS to way in.

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If Christians decide to make

If Christians decide to make Stop signs a religious symbol, would you guys want to take them down or change them to blue squares? Would it offend you seeing those red octagons at every corner?

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The thing is that these

The thing is that these crosses are not contingent to road saftey.

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That's not the point of my

That's not the point of my question. Any symbol can become religious. When this happens, are you going to be offended by the new religious meaning of a previously secular object?

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"If Christians decide to make

"If Christians decide to make Stop signs a religious symbol, would you guys want to take them down or change them to blue squares? Would it offend you seeing those red octagons at every corner?"

What a truly fatuous question.

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government sponsored

government sponsored religious symbols is the problem

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How lol, there are things

There are things better qualified to be called problems than lowercase t's lol

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Well if in Christians eyes it

Well if in Christians eyes it's only a lower case t then they should have no issue taking it down

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