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I finally got 666 forum agrees. Thank you everyone.

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Shit just got real!

Shit just got real!


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Just as FYI:

Just as FYI:

There is a Hebrew root 'seks seks waw seks; which numerically equals 666. It means exactly what it sounds like: sex, sex and sex.

When the:
Psychology of a being (ie. heavens above) is sex (220), and
Emotions of a being (ie earth below) is sex (220), and
Behavior of a being (ie. waters below) is sex (220)
connected by a single spine waw (6)

Applies to:
i. rapists (ie. unshared will), and
ii. men (often powerful) who seek to abuse/use women in/as/for (pursuit of) their (own) sexual lust, and
iii. ignorance of how to use the sexual energy for *good* rather than *evil* (ie. fallen).

It takes a "believer" to "believe" they can justify anything/everything in pursuit of such.

Look at the prophets of the religions. What is their mark(s)?

By their fruits ye shall know them -
not "believe" them, but rather know them
less ye know not *not* to "believe" and partake
from the tree that feeds such lust indefinitely.

You have 2, 000+ years of "evidence" to support this - it takes a "believer" to "believe" so-called evil is so-called good, thus what any/all practical use/need for "belief" but to confuse them?

Theology collapses to this assertion: an all-knowing god would knowingly KNOW that satan certainly *requires* "BELIEF" would that any "believer" "believe" evil is good. The problem is "belief"-in-and-of-itself, the solution is "knowing"-in-and-of-itself. What is that?

It is the Truth of the Way of the Living: the model proposed which ABOLISHES man-made books/idols in place of a METHOD that negates any/all ignorant "BELIEF"-based assertions into oblivion, while graduating any/all that can NOT be FALSIFIED.

What could any all-knowing god be, if not able to falsify any/all "belief"-based ignorance? That satan would *require* belief to confuse good/evil is a knowledge attainable by humans, thus is (can be a) fixed characteristics to be inserted into:


it can be used to further infer and undermine any/all "BELIEF"-based theology/ideology. It does this by way of negation, rather than "belief" which any/all theism relies on.

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Oh ffs give it a rest, don't

@A Gnostic Agnostic

Oh ffs give it a rest, don't we have enough barking mad theists in here ranting overly verbose nonsense?

Take a fucking chill pill please.

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You actually do the same as

You actually do the same as theists: focus on men, men, men.

How about you go fuck yourself (in any manner that suits you) along with the theists who focus on men? Besides:

Atheism is certainly a religion - religious people do not understand they are in a religion. They "believe" it is whatever they "believe" it is: a not-a-religion.

Do both theists and atheists "believe" something they do not know? Yes.
Theists "believe" they know.
Atheists "believe" they know *not* to "believe".
It is not impossible to prove/deny the existence of a god - just need to know how not to be ignorant of ones own self.

Until then, atheism is a religion and atheists are proving it by focusing on men, men, men rather than ideas that undermine theology which focuses on men, men and men. It's really like a cult: attack! attack! attack!


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Done, I marked you with


Done, I marked you with three 6's, oh the power....

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@A Gnostic Agnostic: ISN'T


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...*exuberantly patting xeno's back*.... Congratulations, good man! You are finally moving up in the world! Time now to go collect your Honorary Junior Demon Evil-as-Hell Stealth-Modified Mega-Encrypted Super-Secret Decoder Ring. Welcome to the Underworld of The Dark Lord!

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666? Isn't that like the last

666? Isn't that like the last 3 digits of Tin-Man's serial number?

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@Nyar Re: "666? Isn't that

@Nyar Re: "666? Isn't that like the last 3 digits of Tin-Man's serial number?"

Nope. Not even close. It is actually part of a tattoo I have on my ass. Although, I suppose it could be read as "999", depending on one's perspective. Hmmmm.... Come to think of it, I suppose that is exactly what it looks like to anybody who might see it, because I had the tattoo artist design it such that I can see it as "666" when I turn my head back and look down at it.... *scratching head*.... Oh, wow. Guess that explains why so many people ask, "What does '999' mean?" when they see my tattoo. Oddly enough, though, there are also those who ask, "What does 'ggg' mean?" Dang.... Maybe I should have chosen a better font for the numbers... *heavy sigh*...

(On a side note, please don't ask why so many people are regularly seeing my tattoo.)

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Thank you for the offer of a special ring.

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@A Gnostic Agnostic: Are

@A Gnostic Agnostic: Are we doing the secret code thing now?

"sic Cog Antagonist"

"Sin Accosting Goats"

"Snoging a stoic cat"

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**RE: @A Gnostic Agnostic:


Yes: your focusing on (ie. worshiping) a man is getting old.

Love and hate are both binding. I like focusing on real practical ideas, not the ignorance of worshiping men.

How much more religious can you get? Focusing on men, men, men?

**RE: @A Gnostic Agnostic: Are we doing the secret code thing now?

"sic Cog Antagonist"

"Sin Accosting Goats"

"Snoging a stoic cat


No secret anything: truth is always in plain sight. See your profile pic for details.

Only the eye that sees is crooked: focusing on men, men, men.

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What a thunderous twat you

What a thunderous twat you are.

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Thou odoriferous shard-borne

Thou odoriferous shard-borne misbegotten swag-bellied sheep bugger!

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"I fart in your general

"I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries..."

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