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There was a thread about pet peeves or something to that effect. What I forgot to include is the lack of accountability. Especially personal accountability.
In today's world, people are immersed in their smart phone. They don't have basic communication skills. Their pets are mistreated because they view them as toys or accessories. They don't pay attention when they drive because they are always on their phone.
My biggest gripe is the lack of accepting responsibility for their actions. Just today a 14-year-old neighbor was sitting on the curb in front of my house. He was drinking a Rangerade. He didn't finish it but was through with it. What did he do? He tossed in my yard. I watched him do it. I told him "hey, pick that up and throw it away." He responded with, "I'm through with it", and ran off. I took care of it myself. later I said you will not throw trash in my yard. He said he didn't. I said now you're just lying. So I marched him to my trash can, made him dig out the Rangerade bottle, and then I marched him over to his mom and told her the whole story. She looked at me quizzled and said, "He said he was through with it." I said if he was through with it, he can throw it away properly and that doesn't mean tossing it in my yard for ME to pick up. She said okay. I said I mean it, it better not happen again. If it does, I'll make your husband come and get it.... FORCIBLY! I also so said I'm not here to raise your goddamned kids, so you had better raise them yourself. Every kid in my entire neighborhood knows not to leave things in my yard, but they also know not to ever lie to me. Yes, I'm an asshole, but hey, if they can't hold their kids accountable for their actions I will sure hold the parents accountable for their kid's actions.
That is one small example. Look at Trump. He has never been held accountable for anything.

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"Just today a 14-year-old

"Just today a 14-year-old neighbor was sitting on the curb in front of my house. He was drinking a Rangerade......(Sorry, but I'm not about to quote all of that)"

Shit, I'd probably be an asshole to in that scenario. No offence to you or where you live, myk, but that's why I live on secluded private property, hidden about 10 miles into the 'backwoods", with enough CCTV cameras to envy a bank in Switzerland. Yes, I'm paranoid. It comes with the territory. As for the part about cellphones, I may be (partially) guilty of that myself.

As for Trump, I feel it's safe to say that part of the blame falls on the people of America for that. Not the accountability for Trump's actions, but for allowing the megalomaniac to be in the presidential race.

Slightly off topic: WTF is a "Rangerade"?

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Rangerade is a suger filled

Rangerade is a suger filled energy drink like gatorade.

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I think I'll stick with my

I think I'll stick with my morning coffee.

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Walking the golf course is

Walking the golf course is not only good for fitness but also for enjoying the scenery.

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Your frustration with the

Your frustration with the lack of personal accountability in today's society is understandable and relatable. It's true that the prevalence of smartphones and the challenges of modern life can sometimes lead to a decline in basic communication skills and responsible behavior.

The incident you shared with the 14-year-old neighbor highlights an important aspect of this issue. It's disappointing to see someone discard trash carelessly and then attempt to evade responsibility. Your proactive approach in addressing the situation and involving the parent to emphasize the importance of accountability is commendable. Setting boundaries and making it clear that actions have consequences is crucial for personal growth and community harmony.

Your reference to broader examples, such as the perception of lack of accountability in prominent figures like Trump, adds depth to the conversation. The idea that accountability should apply universally, regardless of status or position, is something many people resonate with. Holding individuals, whether they are neighbors or public figures, responsible for their actions is a way to uphold standards and maintain a sense of fairness in society.

Your commitment to upholding accountability standards might be seen as stern, but it also reflects a desire for a more responsible and conscientious community. Balancing firmness with understanding is a challenge, but by advocating for accountability, you're contributing to a culture of respect and responsibility.

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It's commendable that you

It's commendable that you took the initiative to address the situation directly and hold both the child and his parents accountable. Teaching children about responsibility and respect for others' property is crucial for their development and for fostering a healthy community environment.

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