Actually DO something positive.

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Actually DO something positive.

WHY do so many people feel the need to believe in so many things which simply do not exist?

In my 40+ years of research, I find it quite fascinating why people bring up the subject of religion (without any leading from me) when interviewing them about psychics, mediums and the like.

Whilst I believe anyone should have the right to believe in anything they want, no matter HOW stupid, surely it is a duty of sane people to TRY to educate them?

I also believe it will be a long time before religion is put to rest. In the meantime we CAN actually do something positive. A step in the right direction.

The multi-million pound industry for con artists in the "psychic" game is growing. Sally Morgan is reputed to make over five million pounds annully herself. Her act is not even very good, people must have to have an incredibly strong believe they are actually getting messages from dead relatives to even consider her plausible in any form. Her sidekicks recently treatened Paul Tilbrook when secretly videoed when trying to protect their lucrative incomes from conning vulnerable people.

If we try to get the laws amended (NOT to "ban" them) but to have them prohibited from advertising or performing, (like the cigarette campaign) then we must, surely be taking a small step in the right direction to educate the next generation.

THEN we can step up the campaign to educate about religion and the other things which should not be allowed to cloud our decisions.

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Hi Cash.

Hi Cash.

You're in the U.K.? As I'm unfamiliar with the laws there, are there any that address truth in advertising? If so, that might be a handy way to approach this. I'm suggesting the following because it's typically much easier to use in situ law than to get new ones on the books.

So if there are truth in advertising laws and some one pays money to these people for something without verifiable results, if the con artist guarantees results, then a tort action for financial loss and/or emotional damage in combination with a criminal action for false advertisement might be an option to help erode the hold these con artists have on folks.

Class action and well publicized would help cast a wider net of doubt on these people's so-called abilities.

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I'm sorry Cash but that link

I'm sorry Cash but that link looks not quite right so I'll pass.

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I agree that we can do

I agree that we can do positive things without connecting it to religions or being triggered by beliefs on a deity. There are simple things to create a positive life even if we have no god life giving a smile of handing a help.

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