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Affective Results

When I come across religious people, mostly mormons who bring this up, they tell me they to are trying to find the same answers as science, but through different means.

I find that a very stupid answer to believe in a specific religion.

-Science has continued to provide us with affective results, religion not so much.
-Science will change if there is a flaw with it, religion will not in most cases. (Theory of Evolution, widely accepted as a fact with perspective from scientifically literate individuals, religions folks, not so much.)
-If a religious person were to try to find the answers through spirituality, they would need to be apart of every religion, b/c no religion is better then any other, all require faith.

Your thoughts?

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Give them a simple physics

Give them a simple physics problem from a college textbook and ask them to "find the same answers as science" with their religion. Should be worth a good laugh.

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