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Hey guys.

I am new here but I am hoping it will be acceptable to have an Agnostic here. I have debated on multiple occasions with members of my school and family why I believe what I believe. Over time I was always told to seek "God's Love" but I could never find it. Prayers seemed silly to me and so I felt alone. When I was dealing with a horrible situation, there was no God to comfort me. So I turned to Agnosticism to find new possibilities of a God. I just wanted to know everyone's thoughts or speculations on Agnostics.

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Most atheists are agnostics

Most atheists are agnostics as well, we don't usually claim to KNOW that there is no god, we just don't believe in one.

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That's not agnosticism (not

That's not agnosticism (not having a belief in God, but nor a disbelief in God), that is agnostic atheism.

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Interesting how you have

Interesting how you have tried to divorce agnosticism from agnostic, agnosticism is not and has never been a claim about belief or disbelief, but one of knowledge(specifically the lack of it). If you do not claim to KNOW whether a god exists or not, you are an agnostic, quite regardless of any beliefs you may or may not hold. You either know, or you do not know(gnosticism/agnosticism); you either believe, or you do not believe(theism/atheism); there are no middle grounds in either of these claims. Your lovely contention that someone can "not have a belief in God, nor a disbelief in God" is quite ridiculous, as not believing is disbelief by definition.

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"So I turned to Agnosticism

"So I turned to Agnosticism to find new possibilities of a God."

Check here for a proper definition of Agnosticism:

Agnosticism of what?
If you are Agnostic (do not know) if there is a god or not, then you can be both a theist and an atheist anyway.

If "Prayers seemed silly to me and so I felt alone." it hints to me that you do not believe that god answers prayers, so one can assume you do not belief in a theistic god that listens to prayers.

By definition you are most likely an atheist, though this does not make you an ADeist.
You could still believe in a type of god, just not a Theistic one that listens to prayers.

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There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with being an agnostic. It is better than being a theist. I'm agnostic too, it's because I believe that there are more important things than to prove the existence and non-existence of those deities, Humanism is something that we should work out for the protection of humanities.

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Yes I always ask this

Yes I always ask this question to my father, my teachers and my friends when I was in problem and their is nobody their who help me in problems but I still believe God may be exists.

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I would say that I am an

I would say that I am an agnostic atheist too. I am comfortable saying that "I don't know" if god exists. Is there life after death...? I hope we go on after we die, but I simply do not know. However, I truly believe that religion is completely man-made and used to control people out of fear..... Fear for the unknown, fear of death, fear of what they find in the afterlife... if there is even an afterlife. I simply don't know.

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Yep same , here and so are

Yep same , here and so are most atheists, it is hard to find a Gnostic Atheist, that "knows" that that there is no theistic god.

Though I am a Gnostic anti-theist, I KNOW that Theism does more harm then good on this planet.
Mind control is evil and its results are apparent to anyone who can still reason.

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I wish my agree button worked

I wish my agree button worked.... but I agree.

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Mine does, you can share my

Mine does, you can share my "agree" if you like.

Jeff does make a great point, although I put myself in the Gnostic Atheist category. Despite the .0000000[ad infinitum]1% chance which I always allow for any possibility, it is just too improbable. I don't claim to have direct evidence, but I also feel close enough to 100% sure based upon the preponderance of circumstantial evidence, logic and reasonable assumption.

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We'll there are atheist who

We'll there are atheist who choose to be called agnostic at some point of their lives.

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I don't really have an

I don't really have an opinion one way or another. :D

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Agnosticism is usually the

Agnosticism is usually the next step to being an atheist, from the catapiller to the pupa to the fully free butterfly. There is a learning curve that has to follow when coming from an theistic background to one that uses logic, common sense, and reason.
I started out in a Christian upbringing (catholic) but never really got into it, I never prayed and most of the stories I was told seemed strange and improbable. Going along with the religious tradition of everyone else seemed to be the normal thing to do at the time and as I got older I went with the agnostic label for a short time before going all in as an atheist.
The idea of a god just seems so absurd to me, especially the Abrahamic one depicted in the buy-bull. Reading that book was the major reason to reject the faith, and it confounds me how people can read it and find it inspiring. Sure, there can be a nice tasty chocolate dropped in that big pile of crap but I'm not going to eat it.
However, I am open to evidence, but with the track record of primitive man inventing gods to explain where the sun went at night, where we go when we die and to control and profit off of the masses, etc. that evidence would have to be extriodanary to back up the extriodanary claims of any particular god that's been imagined.

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Why would it be unacceptable

Why would it be unacceptable to be agnostic? I guess we should check the agnostic bible and atheist bible to know how we feel about each other... ooh yeah. Those don't exist.

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Anyone who cannot claim that

Anyone who cannot claim that they are absolutely 100% sure there is a god, is (willingly or not) an agnostic.
Apart from the completely deluded believers and those who are sure there is no god, we all are agnostics.

Just as cmallen says, I am as sure as anyone can be of anything (without lying to them selfs) that there is no god. Still, I could be wrong. But I find it very, very, very unlikely that god should pop up and go "I was just hiding... Fooled ya!".

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I was agnostic before until

I was agnostic before until came a time that I fully accepted myself as an atheist. I gladly welcome you here in this forum.

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