Aliens in recent Hillary Clinton Leaks?

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Aliens in recent Hillary Clinton Leaks?

Um so I was reading through wikileaks and uh... Not sure what to say. In some emails to John Podesta(Hillary's campaign manager, and Bill's ex-chief of staff) some info was dropped about ETI(Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), zero point gravity(which has interesting quantum theory repercussions), and the catholic churches knowledge of extra terrestrial beings. I Think it is worth noting that the catholic church made a bunch of statements in the past couple of years about their willingness to baptize aliens if they asked(though this could easily be just silly hypothetical talk) is just one link but the catholic astronomer also mentioned it a few times to other news sources). Aside from that the UN created an extra terrestrial task force, protocols, and an ambassador for speaking with aliens if they contact earth, I feel like these emails could have been forged for some reason but I'm not sure why. It's pretty left field compared to the other stuff in there.Hillary(and john podesta) also mentioned somethings about looking into releasing government information on the subject of aliens, Wikileaks is pretty reliable I'm not sure why any of this would be faked. Please offer some opinions on this. Don't reject it out of hand. I would like some incite on this from others. Pull it apart as much as possible because these ideas I've constructed seem already pretty outlandish even to me.

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I normally am cautious about

I normally am cautious about your post, but I kept an open mind about this one and read all I could find and everything that you provided about this subject.
It is logical that there may be ETs. It is even quite possible that several top government officials have even met with aliens if they have are actually real and have made themselves known. It is logical that they would not contact some hillbilly in the middle of nowhere, even accidentally.
In the information you provided I see nothing extraordinary, but I do see interesting parts.
It would only be natural for a person as high as the offices that Hillary Clinton has held to take interest in all matters. Especially a cooperation between Pakistan and China on ANY subject or issue that there may be. It is well known that China has pursued methods of disruption of western satellites. That is and has been an act of war and a clear violation of international treaties concerning anything above 80,000 feet from Earth.
These email conversations elude to concerns primarily over that matter. As for contact, there is no confirmation that that has happened, only the mere hint that it may happen in the future.
An interesting bit is the statement found in email dated 2015-08-18 10:30 that states "They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space." This could mean aliens, but then it could mean any number of Earth organizations. Just who "they" are isn't stated nor can it be inferred that they are anything out of the ordinary.
Also as John Podesta is a personal friend of both the Clinton's, it could be a shared interest totally innocent.
As for Mrs.Clinton's intentions of releasing classified information in the future, that remains to be seen, but highly unlikely.
As for Mrs. Clinton's claims of past and ongoing conspiracies, I find them credible. In fact Kenneth Starr admitted to such conspiracies while he was teaching at Pepperdine U. Whitewater, Vince Foster, and many many more insidious claims have been made against the Clinton's and especially Hillary Clinton, only to amount to absolutely nothing and indeed false.
I don't think that she is actually buying into a "UFO cover up" conspiracy, nor do I suspect that she is in any part getting ready to spill the beans about alien contact.
If there are aliens (the percentage is very likely), If they have made contact (no proof that has ever happened), it is logical that world leaders would not want a panic in the masses. So we are only left with idle speculation on the issue.

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I was very much expecting you

I was very much expecting you to be the first to call me a lunatic. The fact that you some what think this is possible very much concerns me. I like to do a bit of reading between the lines. I spend a lot of energy finding credible sources unbiased sources to put up realistic ideas. I strike down about 99 percent of anything particularly outlandish but that 1 percent makes me pretty uncomfortable sometimes. You'll never find me on a ufo hunter sight or any such crap. But sometimes I feel like I stumble on things. I don't trust what people say. Conspiracy theorists and fanatics included,(especially ufo hunters because about 99.9999 percent of what they say is utter crap). I do all my own research. Without finding your own evidence an opinion ain't worth a hill of beans. This was just one of the things I found particularly concerning.

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I agree. The History Channel

I agree. The History Channel is crap with all of their ancient aliens shows and ghost hunters bullshit. I don't readily buy into ANY conspiracy theory. There is evidence out there with regard to the US government spending resources to find aliens. That is significant because they wouldn't spend the money if they didn't think that it would yield something. Last year the Fed spent nearly a billion dollars on trying to find and communicate with extraterrestrials. That means that Congress is on board and the Executive Branch is okay with spending that money. The questions are why and what have they found.

Here is one of the crackpot sites:

Here is one of the reliable sources:
I have scoured the NYT, the Washington Post, The London Times, Mirror, and Standard. Not much out there in the last 20 years or so. Just a few articles of spending on research but no confirmations.
I don't see why you are uncomfortable unless you think that people are hiding something.

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Jackdanel - Pull it apart as

Jackdanel - Pull it apart as much as possible

Oh you know I love to do that!
Well the first thing that got my attention is both emails originated from the same email address (, an odd email address to say the least; made me suspicious the author is a loon.

The next thing I noticed is the random capitalization present in the body of the emails. Another marker of a crackpot.

Then I found the signature line of the emails and it all made sense; the author is Edgar Mitchell; a well known crackpot.

So what we have is a crackpot sending emails to someone in the Clinton camp. I really don't see how that is news.

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Wow, I should have noticed. I

Wow, I should have noticed. I only read the content. Of course it is a crackpot email.

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Ok.Thanks. That makes a

Ok.Thanks. That makes a little more sense. I was feeling like there would be a simpler answer than all of that. I made some connections after coming across those emails and I was hoping I'd find something that sounded a little less looney. In my searchings of things I'd never come across anything that extreme on the internet. Best I've done is learn about some classified military projects and weapons which are interesting. But never any definitive proof of aliens or anything like that. Also mycob4 I was saying I felt uncomfortable because I mean if aliens are real and talking to the government it kinda would change the whole dynamic of the world(at the very least for the general public because the news would report on it sooner or later).

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