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Whether we live by religion or not we all have one thing in common. We are all here on this planet together surviving the struggles of life. Some have suffered through the atrocities of religion and some find peace in it.
My feelings in interpreting this song is that I dont need a fictiuos God to guide me and rule me. I survived without him.
Have a great Sunday

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Happy Mom's Day, Jamie. We

Happy Mom's Day, Jamie. We don't seem to honor that role enough. I raise and tip a glass to you all.

Otherwise, yes, freedom to be who you are is the antithesis of religion. It extends to all mankind and that is surely by design. To make that the theme of atheism, over the easier and more ego-satisfying open attacks on religion, would be the passive Mahatma Gandhi styled persuasion a peace-abiding populace could read and open its eyes to.

One day.

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Thank u Pitar from us moms:)

Thank u Pitar from us moms:)
Overflowed the toilet this morning cause I couldn't figure out which way to turn the knob. A friend later told me to lift the tank lid and plug the ball thing and you won't be baptized in toilet water. Moms have so much fun!
Even though my sandles are sloshy it's still a fun day with the kiddos:)

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Happy Mothers Day Jamie and

Happy Mothers Day Jamie and CyberLN and the other mothers out there reading. =)

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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sia's music videos never fail to amaze me.

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Great. CyberLN has been a

Great. CyberLN has been a male figment of my imagination all this time. Wait, do atheists have the privilege to be gender sensitive? Better get a reading on that from a theist, eh?

Happy Mom's Day, CyberLN. I feel I should apologize for my erred perception.

Back to Jamie's point of being free - I was thinking about that today.

When is man free?

First and foremost, he must fend for himself in all aspects of his survival so he's a slave to it.

Then, to be free of the power over him by a stronger neighbor who could off him to keep whatever resources are available for himself he has to befriend that person. So, he's a slave to communal sharing of labors and skills that promote a successful structure for it.

Then, should a larger community threaten a smaller community there must exist a means of peaceful co-existence. So, a caste system makes that feasible and the lower castes must obey the demands of the upper castes.

Then it escalates from there across regions and countries until man has completely enslaved himself to a life he can never be truly free from to shape and change at will. From all points of the compass he must acknowledge his station in life. Relatively few have the opportunity and/or the courage to change that.

And, here I am pretending to be a recluse. You do realize the character of my life is primarily featured by my curmudgeonly choice to shun people? Expressed another way, I need people to give my life meaning. It's a paradox. I'd love to know the story a sedimentary rock could tell about freedom.

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Thank you for the Mother's

Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes.

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I miss you Mom

I miss you Mom

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