Allah Wants Muslims To Starve

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Allah Wants Muslims To Starve

I guess Muhammad didn't know about the tilt of the Earth's axis.

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Ive never seen the point of

Ive never seen the point of Ramadan in general they fast during the day and pig out come sunset and have breakfast before sunrise like thats so hard. Its just a reverse of normal eating its not a fast.

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Perhaps but i know its been

Perhaps but i know its been lost for muslims my friend just waited for sunset and binged totally defeats and purpose all it really does is inverts your metabolism schedule and probably gives you bad nights sleep as sleep on a full stomach can affect your dreams. Your body's designed to go up to 12 hrs without food when you sleep so they change nothing and achieve nothing.

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Religions have different

Religions have different reason for their traditional rituals and we should respect that. Christians do fasting too and so other religions. There are always exceptions so people who can't perform the rituals due to health reason can be exempted.

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