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"My faith taught me justice

"My faith taught me justice so how can you say that..??"
That is the problem, your sens of justice is wrong since it is based on faith not on morality.
This makes you unable to understand the message we are trying to tell you most of the time.

"I am Muslim and my own faith allow me 2 understand things, allow me 2 seek knowledge so that I may understand everything logically."
It does not, your own faith blinds you to what logic really is. You are biased by it and you do not know it.

"It’s not copied from Christianity as you often say in other post"
It has the same concepts with a different prophet more to the liking of the people that preached it at the time. One of their own.

Hitchers investigation of Muslim origins:

Christopher Hitchens - The qur'an is plagiarized from pre-Islamic texts -, Part 1
Christopher Hitchens - The quran is plagiarized from pre-Islamic texts -, PART 2
Christopher Hitchens - The quran is plagiarized from pre-Islamic texts -, PART 3

(I just watched this, I came to similar conclusions from different side research)

"“In their eyes your interpretation is the wrong one.
In your eyes their interpretation is the wrong one”

What u said above I said that it was right…only the above 2 lines.

I’m not saying about my own interpretation here but am talking about Truth here…as I’m aware of my own faith and Christianity"
"I’m not saying about my interpretation...i’m saying about TRUTH."

Your own Truth is a biased interpretation of your limited knowledge you gathered without any kind of challenge like the challenge that Hitchens investigation about Islam.
Only when you provide evidence you can claim anything about truth, that includes quotes, etc, which you did not.

So "In your eyes their interpretation is the wrong one” is your idea of Truth. Truth is subjective to you as you say here:
"In my eyes I know what is true Islam"
"In my eyes, your interpretation is wrong"

I have no interpretation because I have not claimed anything about the interpretation of the texts yet.

Though do check hitchens interpretation.

I have tried to reason with the unreasonable and I knew it from the very start.
I do not expect you would understand, some people just have no hope of getting out such brainwashing that was forced upon them from when they were little kids.

This is as far as I go, my contribution in helping you ends here.
Watch hitches and debate his arguments in an other topics but do not expect that anybody would try to help you in escaping your current delusions if you do not show some degree of basic logic.

We point you in the right direction but we would never force you in any direction like your parents did to you or like you would do to your children.

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“That is the problem, your

“That is the problem, your sens of justice is wrong since it is based on faith not on morality.”

The faith itself is about Morality..why can’t you understand the basic issue..

It is unlike believing without proof

“It has the same concepts with a different prophet more to the liking of the people that preached it at the time. One of their own.”

U talk about biased and didn’t even notice that how biased are you..??

“Christopher Hitchers investigation of Muslim origins:”

Is this juz an answer…hitchens investigate it …so it’s true…how are you sure about that??

Have you ever tried to learn from the authenticated sources ?? nooo

Why..?? juz becoz the hitchens investigation is pleasing you…

“Your own Truth is a biased interpretation of your limited knowledge you gathered without any kind of challenge like the challenge that Hitchens investigation about Islam.”

I gathered knowledge from the authenticated sources, will give you here a brief summary here

Islam is not borrowed from Judaism and Christianity

It is the primordial religion, the faith from which Judaism and Christianity are subsequent developments.

So what is islam..?

Islam comes from the word ‘salam’ which means peace and the one who submits to the will of GOD

Islam did not started with prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him . Islam started from the first prophet, Adam, and continued until the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon them)

So all the prophets were on Islam like Adam, noah, Abraham, moses, jesus, muhammed(peace be upon them)
All of these prophets we believe, represented the same God, the one and true God that had sent them, to preach to the masses, and to allow the masses to know their creator.

That’s why as Muslims we say we believe in the same God as Jews and Christians; we believe that the source for Moses and Jesus, was the same source, the same God for Muhammad peace be upon them all.

All of the prophets were a continuation of each other, each sent to their own people and tribe, with the same message of teaching and correcting the people’s understanding of the one and true God.

So Noah was sent to his own people, Moses was sent to his own people, Jesus was sent to his own people, and all of them were sent by the same God, the same God that sent the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them ) with the same message.

The only differences between the prophets was in the revelation they were given, not the contents of the main message.

For example Moses was given the Torah, Jesus the Gospel, David the Psalms, and lastly the Prophet Muhammad was given the Quran. So they were given different books by God, but with the same underlying message about the one true God.

All Prophets submitted their wills to God, Islam . All Prophets carried the main fundamental doctrine of Allah, that there is only one God and worship him alone, who has no images, idols, statues, etc.

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Allah works in mysterious

Allah works in mysterious ways

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The question is actually not

The question is actually not about labels. Shia, Sunni, Catholic, Protestant.. or for that matter even hindu, buddhist etc. At the heart of the matter is an ideology. To make it easier for you to understand. Take communism. Now this is an ideology with a clear cut outlook on what a society should be like based on Marx's ideas. Since then, there have been different models of communism, some very extreme like the Maoists and so on. The more moderates would denounce Maoists as being in the wrong path. This kind of differences do not undermine the core ideology of Marx, does it? Similarly, in Islam, the differences of opinion between different groups does not undermine the value of the truth in it. Whoever adheres to the truth that can be understood through reason and logic, is the one who will succeed.

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No Valiya. The topic question

No Valiya. The topic question is asking is does the path that Allah set for muslims (islam) include sectarian war and death. And if not then what does this say about him? This is no form a question of if the sunni or the Shi'a are the true muslims.

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Okay, it’s like this. Allah revealed his religion not for any particular people or group. He revealed his religion for the entire mankind. From an Islamic perspective Allah reveals his message as a sort of test for mankind. Those who follow it will succeed. Those who reject it will fail. And Allah has given us the freewill to choose.

So if shias decide not to follow the revealed message of Allah and instead follow their Imams then they are responsible for their actions. You can’t blame Allah for what they choose to do on their own accord. Therefore, when there is a conflict between truth and falsehood, it’s not to be seen as a fault of Allah. You can in fact extend this question further and ask, why are Muslims and Christians fighting, when Allah (according to Islam) is the one who sent both Jesus and Mohammed?

But no, when there is a truth and people splinter away from it and go the path of falsehood, there is bound to be conflict. Now, does that mean all that Sunnis are doing is right? Not at all. If a Sunni Muslim is killing a Shia because he chose to follow Shiaism, then that is wrong, because the revealed message of Islam has clearly spelt out that there is no compulsion in religion.

You have to look at it as one message of truth, and people either following it or moving away from it (be it sunnis or shias or people of any faith). If you adhere to it you succeed. If you don’t follow it, you fail. If any group is attacking another for no just reason then that group (whoever it might be) are on the wrong according to Islam. This is also part of the test of this world.


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