Angels and Spirit Guides

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Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels and spirit guides are the unseen beings that are said to be protecting each of us. The bible uses the term angel while pagans use the term spirit guide but they have the same duty of guiding and guarding us. What is your view about it. Are there really beings out there beside us that lead us to the way where we must go?

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Well if you believe in such

Well if you believe in such things and they help you live a better life then I dont see the problem.

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I don´t think there are

I don´t think there are beings out there leading us, guiding us or taking care of us. But as i have already said if that helps you out someway, good for you; there´s no harm in that unless they tell you to hurt or kill people.

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All things that lead to good

All things that lead to good and humane behaviour are definitely worth respecting.

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There are people who claimed

There are people who claimed they can actually see and talk to their spirit guides. Believing in them and asking their guidance is not really bad as long as we can become better individuals in the end.

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There are many who beliebe we

There are many who beliebe we have guardian angels but it makes me wonder what happens to the angels of those people that die at wars in horrible ways everyday, where are their angels?

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Maybe their angels allowed

Maybe their angels allowed such things to happen in case the angels and guides are true. It was allowed because it was destined to happen to make them heroes or to trigger braveness and heroism to other people.

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Short story? No, I do not

Short story? No, I do not believe in angels the way most people believe them.

However, in this day and age with all of our easily programmable technology, it is not a foreign idea to me that I could have 40 extensions of myself which each serve a different function in different contexts.

I don't think that I have a guardian angel. However, if I do have a purpose on this earth, probabilistically or otherwise, I'm sure I'll witness many coincidences along the way that, but for a slight chance, could have been my fate. It's like dropping a bottle cap and watching it hit the stairs, flip a multitude of times, spin on it's side, and somehow, miraculously, land at the bottom of the stairs with the wet side up so you can feel safe putting it back on your drink. Did the bottle cap have a guardian angel? If it were a person who managed to avoid death in such a tumultuous fashion, we'd say that they did.

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"Angels and Spirit Guides"

"Angels and Spirit Guides"

i don't believe in any of them that they exist..but i'm more certain that dementors do.

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I don't know if I believe in

I don't know if I believe in their existence, but...


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I used to love reading about

I used to love reading about this garbage when I was into Carlos Castaneda. Jane Roberts was another author, The Seth Materials. Equally mysterious was the fact that through my meditation practice I learned to the the whole Out of Body Experience. (Flotation chambers were popular in Southern California at the time and I loved them.)

I had the OBE prior to understanding it. Then I read about it and everything I read was complete nonsense. I have no trouble doing it today and my understanding is completely biological. Phantom Limb Syndrome paired with sleep paralysis. *I'm not going into it here.

It's enough to say that I have spent a life exploring the supernatural and spiritualist beliefs. They have been found lacking. No ghosts, No magic, No miracles, No spirits. No angels. No ESP. No magical human abilities like healing. No Crystal magic or pyramid power. No ancient unsolved mysteries. No aliens abducting people living in trailer parks and having sex with them. But.... A whole lot of imagination.

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Angel numbers https:/

Angel numbers are messages and instructions that the guardian angels and the universe want to send to us. Each number has certain meanings and manifest differently depending on each person's circumstances and beliefs. If you don't really believe them, you will never find them true. If you don't really want to connect and receive the message, you will see nothing but normal numbers. As for me, I really believe it.

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