An announcement against jihadist religious violence

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An announcement against jihadist religious violence

As we all know we are in Ramadan. I know the date varies from country to country, but not too much. Tonight we had dinner with some Muslim friends who have invited us and always enjoyed with them, as we enjoyed the celebrations of many other friends who have other religions.
I'm an atheist, so, although I go when they invite me, I don't participate in the paraphernalia related to religion, but yes, I recognize that the anthropologist I have inside enjoys a lot of participation, even if at a distance, from the different celebrations that, after all, are always the celebration of family, friends and everything that surrounds it.
Tonight, we've already been warned, will begin with the vision of a commercial of a Kuwaiti company called Zain Telecom. I didn't want to comment much on the phone with the person who told me, but the intrigue has been strong enough to I try to find out what the commercial was about...

... I'm not going to say that I shares what the commercial says from the religious point of view, but I will say that it seems to me very brave and, I know, something that the vast majority of Muslims can do own.

To us may seem a small gesture, almost imperceptible, but, I know, for them is something impressive, and I say, so much so that dinner tonight will start with this commercial and not only in the home of these friends, it seems that it's getting pretty viral.

What do you think about it?

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Nice message!

Nice message!

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Brave video for them to do. It looked like the real boy from time mag. The one that soon after trump junior made a skittles comment about. Good to see they are promoting peace

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Call me when the great mufti

Call me when the great mufti and the grand ayatollah tell everyone in a joint press release to stop murdering innocent children and women and men without exception

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@MCD: And I agree with you,

@MCD: And I agree with you, but it's striking that a telephone company that provides services from Kuwait, Qatar, south of Iran, Iraq and even Eastern Syria dare to do a commercial like that and that, in addition, the Muslims welcome it as a great event. Maybe you haven't to wait long time for that call that you ask so beautifully.

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This was a great message.

This was a great message.
This is the kind of message that can make a difference in the right direction for those who are in danger of being radicalized. Good of you to post it.

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Let's hope more and more

Let's hope more and more companies in Muslim countries will take up this message. Their governments certainly don't have the will or the courage to do so.

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Sounds good, I hope it

Sounds good, I hope it catches on and influences the fundamentalists; however, I will not get my hopes up.

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