Another accusation

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Another accusation

From the story as reported by the AP: “A Roman Catholic bishop named by Pope Francis to investigate the church’s response to clergy sexual abuse in Buffalo, New York, has himself been accused of sexual abuse of a child, an attorney for the alleged victim notified the church this week.”

I just don’t understand why people remain in this religion.

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Wow, this should be some

Wow, this should be some weird comedy prank, but unfortunately, this is just one of many sad tales where priests have misused trust and molested or raped children.

I am so angry a witty response is out of the question, just seething anger.

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Sounds like a bunch of sick

Sounds like a bunch of sick freaks looking out for each other. If there every a good reason to shut them down, this is it.

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I think it's time for the

I think it's time for the world to establish an International Religious Crimes Tribunal to prosecute pedophile priests, honor killers, child genital mutilators, forced marriage practitioners, and destroyers of ancient cultural heritage. All of these blights on humanity should be arrested and made to explain their obnoxious bullshit before a panel of sane (=atheist) judges.

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@Oh for fuck sake! You damn

@Oh for fuck sake! You damn atheists need to learn a thing or two about being a Christian. It is not up to us to judge. God works in mysterious ways. If God sent a pedophile to deliver his message then it is the message that is important and not the pedophile. Stop being so damn judgmental. "Thou shalt not judge." It is all in God's hands because God has a plan. Through our Lord Jesus Christ all sins can be forgiven. Ask and you shall receive. Open the door and He shall enter. Oh Ye of little faith. Satan has so clouded your minds that you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven. Having committed the unforgivable sin, Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, your souls are nonredeemable and the fiery pits of hell await you upon your death. Woe to the non-believers in this forum. Woe to the naysayers. Woe to the blasphemers. Woe to those deserving of the eternal fires in the pits of hell. You are making your choice.

Matthew 12:30 King James Version (KJV)
30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

The choices you make have real consequences. This is your final warning, though I fear I am already too late!
Slime ball fucking atheists who pretend they know the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ, really piss me off. But I forgive them.

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