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Another joke

What's the difference between a Catholic church donation plate and a park bench?

Park benches have provided for homeless people.

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i don't understand... and I

i don't understand... and I have no love for the catholic church

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@MCD - The implication here

@MCD - The implication here is that the funds raised via the catholic collection plate, the purpose of which is to collect offerings which are used to help the poor or homeless, may have lost their way en route to the homeless. Perhaps the stained glass needed cleaning.

Whereas park benches are ever faithful to provide a place to sleep.

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Again, I have NO love for

Again, I have NO love for organized religion..... but when did any church indicate that money donated by its members would be donated to the homeless??

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@DarkkWolfe: offerings may

@DarkkWolfe: offerings may have lost their way en route to the homeless.

You can say that again, I've been to the Vatican, I saw more treasures there than a Pharaoh's tomb and not a homeless person in sight !!

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@Big George: "I've been to

@Big George: "I've been to the Vatican"

I went there last year. Heart of Darkness. A real money pit. They're ripping of believers, tourists, everyone, and giving nothing back.

In Japan a ceramic company has built a museum with famous art reproduced on ceramic tiles. They have a full-sized replica of the Sistine Chapel made entirely from shiny bright tiles. That place felt clean. The real Sistine felt dirty and depressing.

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A Catholic priest, a rapist,

A Catholic priest, a rapist, and a pedophile walk into a bar.

The bartender says: "What'll it be , Father?"

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