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Another speech from one of your mods

As long as a poster is not breaking the forum guidelines, they are welcome to post. They do not have to adhere to anyone’s demands that they debate in a particular way or present particular evidence in order to participate. It’s up to each of us to accept or reject an argument based on its merits. No one has to ‘go away’ until they produce what some individual thinks is appropriate evidence.

It’s obvious to anyone who has been a member for any length of time that there will be repetition. In a forum with high member turnover, it’s the nature of the beast. Yes, it can get tedious for some, but, overall, the benefits are likely worth it. If you don’t want to participate in a discussion because you’ve been there, done that, then don’t. You’re neither forced to participate nor forced to read it.

Bullying is against the forum guidelines. Bullying includes unnecessary name-calling, personal ridicule, and discriminatory remarks about a person’s age, gender, education, etc. Again, it’s up to each of us to accept or reject an ARGUMENT based on its merits.

And what’s with all the “do as I say, not as I do,” crap? I’d say those who engage in it regularly will know who they are but that may not be the case. I’ll ask you all to be mindful that you aren’t the pot calling the kettle black.

What is plagiarism? If it is plagiarism when a poster puts forth a commonly used used argument in their own words without citing the name of the originator then a lot of research is going to be required to ensure that ALL arguments are cited by the first person ever to utter them. This is different than pulling a copy/paste of someone else’s writing. Copyright violations are illegal.

The bottom line is that we are all here (hopefully) to exchange and challenge ideas. If you want to have exchanges only with like-minded folk then your presence in a debate forum is profoundly silly.

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Thank you CyberLN. Every so

Thank you CyberLN. Every so often we (all of us, with no exceptions) need a kick in the rear end to be reminded to stay in the middle of the road.

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He he he ...... Honestly...

He he he ...... Honestly..... I was just getting ready to post "Go away and think about it until you can come back with something new." Cosmological thread. Of course you are correct. As tedious as it gets seeing the same dead arguments brought up over and over and over, "THAT IS THE NATURE OF THE BEAST." No one has to go away and they can repeat themselves as many times as they like. Generally that is my reason for simply bowing out of some of these forums that go on for 10 and 15 pages.

Never hurts to have a reminder! Message Received. Thanks!

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My dog likes granny smith

My dog likes granny smith apples.

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My dog died. It was a long

My dog died. It was a long time ago. Back when I had my pig nose.

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Sounds like you need a new

Sounds like you need a new dog...they are awesome.

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@doG Re: To Cog - "Sounds

@doG Re: To Cog - "Sounds like you need a new dog...they are awesome."

NO, doG!!! NO-NO-NO!!! BAD doG! BAD!...You have no idea what you are saying! DO NOT encourage him! We do NOT want a repeat of events from earlier this year... Or was it late last year?... Ummm... Not really sure. Was a very traumatic time for me. Things are a little blurry from during that time... *shudder*... Anyway, Cog does NOT need a new dog. And considering your name, you DEFINITELY do not want to give him any ideas.

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A New Dog? Hmmmm. I did't

A New Dog? Hmmmm. I did't think of that. I have still been petting and talking to this old one but he just lays there on the floor smelling bad. The good thing is that I do not have to buy dog food any more. Hmmm... I don't think I want a new dog. This one is so cheap to maintain. And the smell is not that bad any more, the moth balls helped a lot. I think I will just stick with what I've got. Besides, I think it is stuck to the floor, If I try to move it, it might rip apart,

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Just saying...everybody needs

Just saying...everybody needs undying? love. Maybe you can try one of those velcro dogs...nope, you already have one...a lab then..

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@doG: Alab? I have a lab

@doG: Alab? I have a lab. That's were I grow all the pretty mushrooms. Are you suggesting I take DNA from my falling apart dog, take it to the lab, and create something new?

I try to stay away from labs. My roommate "Lucky" (The White Hairless Bonobo) escaped from a lab and he still has the wire sticking out of his head. We thought his hair might grow back if we removed it but when we took it out he died so we had to put it back in. He is doing fine now.... well.... except for the fact that he eats insects, flies and crickets instead of fruit and bananas/ The only way we get him to eat his bananas is to blend a bunch of crickets into a banana mush, hold Lucky down, and then feed it to him through a garden hose and a funnel.

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Ya, I have an aversion to lab

Ya, I have an aversion to lab's and circuses too. Uncle Bobo used to work for the ringling bros.& B&B's traveling show. Used to drive a mini car full of clowns in a circle...he eventually this day he can't get into any compact cars period...he just goes ape. Not to mention tearing apart anything that even resembles a clown.
I don't want to force the idea of a dog on you brother...although it's nothing but a positive thing.

Here's raising a banana daiquiri to you comrade.

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You're absolutely right,

You're absolutely right, Cyber. Although I am getting sick and tired of refuting "atheism is a religion" and the shifted burden of proof 1,000,000,000 times,, but that doesn't mean that nobody is allowed to restate these inane arguments over and over again and then refuse to back them up when challenged, and then storm off in a fit of anger never to return again.

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"but that doesn't mean that

"but that doesn't mean that nobody is allowed to restate these inane arguments over and over again and then refuse to back them up when challenged, and then storm off in a fit of anger never to return again."

Wait a sec...that's the best part.

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Yep. I agree. I often find

Yep. I agree. I often find that part very amusing as well.

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Of course, whilst the hit and

Of course, whilst the hit and run brigade are utterly tiresome, they do serve a useful pedagogical purpose. By posting the usual tedious and repeatedly destroyed canards, then vanishing never to be seen again once the discoursive ordnance is unleashed upon their output, they serve to achieve the exact opposite purpose that they think they are achieving. Instead of making their adherence to mythological assertion look in any way desirable, they succeed only in making said adherence look both repulsive and absurd.

Presumably the hit and run brigade behave in this manner, because they know that if they exhibit any persistence, their reward will be the total and utter annihilation of their canards. Though most of the really obnoxious specimens have long ago moved on to Facebook troll posts.

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Agreed Cal

Agreed Cal

The walk of shame is by far more effective.
I don't want to annihilate their ducks...

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Is it OK if I say amen to your post? :-)

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You should be busy demonstrating some shred of objective evidence for your superstitious beliefs.

As so far you've offered nothing more compelling, cogent, or objective to justify them than one can hear from any detained patient at any mental institution who thinks they're Napoleon Boneparte, or Jo(an) of Arc.

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