Helen H. Gardener: Jehovah, the Infamous Monster of the Old Testament

Jehovah, the Infamous Monster

"There is no book which tells of a more infamous monster than the Old Testament, with its Jehovah of murder and cruelty and revenge, unless it be the New Testament, which arms its God with hell, and extends his outrages throughout all eternity."

- Helen H. Gardener

Quote Source: Men, Women, and Gods And Other Lectures

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God is a selfish and horribly

God is a selfish and horribly evil monster according to the bible. It's incredible how people fall for this BS.

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I've read the Bible too many

I've read the Bible too many times to count, and I always hated the things that the god of the old testament did. Likewise, many of the revered people of the Judeo Christian religions were monsters, obviously created in that terrible image. They may be worthy of fear no doubt, but not worship and praise.

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Yeah, much like how many

Yeah, much like how many police these days are ruling with fear rather than respect. If you are afraid of something it is impossible in my opinion to respect it.

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What people fail to consider

What people fail to consider is that in the beginning there was only God, and it was immedialy after the creation of God that god did all this magical creations mumbo jumbo, so God was new to the game and had a lot of growing up to do at first he was just a baby throwing tantrums whenever he did not get his way, but now that he is older he is a wiser and much smarter god who has moved on to better things than the worship of himself or the ruling of mankind.

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So much for the forgiving and

So much for the forgiving and all-loving god that everyone is taught about. That one single quote puts so much into perspective for those of us who aren't blind.

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The whole concept of a

The whole concept of a benevolent god is completely ruined by the way they invented him so badly that they didn't realized they created a bratty vindictive and unfair god.

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True! I have often felt this

True! I have often felt this way about the so called benevolent God. I mean who really thinks this after reading the OT? I think it shows Satan to be the more fair and benevolent one who initially wanted more for the humans. throughout history god has wanted to keep his followers dumb ie. "Don't eat the fruit of knowledge!".

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