Anti-Gay Christian Leader Cries Foul

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Anti-Gay Christian Leader Cries Foul

Anti-Gay Christian Leader: We’re Being Treated Like Jews in Nazi Germany. More crazy crap from the gay haters.

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What an idiotic comparison.

What an idiotic comparison. Doesn't this moron know that gays were also on Hitler's hit list? They went into the death camps alongside the Jews. So by persecuting gays, his so-called "Liberty Council" is just carrying on the Fuehrer's work.

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It would have been more

It would have been more accurate if he said "we are being treated like the mentally disabled were in nazi germany".

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Poor them, poor oppresed

Poor them, poor oppresed minority (source: Wikipedia). They only own the most important networks in USA. They're only most of the politicians in their country. They only have their motto written in money... Yes, they're just like the Jews in WWII, yes, exactly. I couldn't describe them better.


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