Anybody not ready for this?

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Anybody not ready for this?

Anybody not ready for this?

Here are the number of verses for each “Face” of the Christian deity. This information was compiled and stolen from Unpleasant Companion. For any ties, I then sorted alphabetically.

243 – Angry
103 – Pyromaniacal
89 – Megalomaniacal
61 – Bloodthirsty
52 – Pestilential
48 – Unjust
47 – Ethnic Cleanser
28 – Curse–Hurling
28 – Misogynistic
27 – Homicidal
27 – Sadomasochistic
24 – Genocidal
24 – Merciless
23 – Vindictive
22 – Bully
22 – Capriciously Malevolent
18 – Control Freak
18 – Infanticidal
17 – Unforgiving
16 – Jealous
13 – Filicidal
10 – Slavemonger
9 – Cannibalistic
9 – Racist
9 – Vaccicidal
5 – Petty
3 – Aborticidal
2 – Homophobic

You Christians are always saying we should fear your God. You just might be right. If you look at the top four faces above, your God is a pissed-off fire-starting power-hungry vampire. Hell, I’d be scared of a human if they had only those four qualities. And here is another point for you: There are 28 verses of your God’s misogyny (woman-hating) face against only 2 verses about homosexual men. Proof enough to me that your deity is nothing more than a:

Pissed-Off Fire-starting Power-Hungry Vampiric Homosexual.



P.S. — I am still going to be around intermittently. Still busy.

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Nice to see your leaves and

Nice to see your leaves and branches...

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Arakish!!! Hey, you ol' fart

Arakish!!! Hey, you ol' fart! A happy relief to see your droopy-ass leaves back on the board! *Big Grin* Hope all is going well with you.

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First, trees don't fart.

First, trees don't fart. They transpirate. **chuckle** Yeah. Kind of. But I might get in a big heap of trouble. International trouble even. Just waiting to see...


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Fair point, but as made up

Fair point, but as made up characters go I still think Freddy Kruger is scarier.

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Freddy Kruger? Hell, he

Freddy Kruger? Hell, he never bothers me. I scared the shit out of him my first nightmare...


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@arakish original post

@arakish original post
Welcome back Arakish :)

That list you compiled, did this list simply omit all more friendly/positive "faces" for the christian deity, or are their simply none? Honestly it would not surprise if the answer there simply is none. Especially the old testament is 90+ % stick with almost no carrot, fear is a powerful tool, especially in those fearful times.



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The only ones I can think of

The only ones I can think of the Christians spewing all the time is that God is love, God is good, God is great...

But like I did, you'd have to cherry-pick...


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Ahh! Welcome back Arakish.

Ahh! Welcome back Arakish. International trouble? You smuggle a volcano into the States? Never by halves, eh?
List copied and stored, thank you.

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Grinseed: International

Grinseed: International trouble? You smuggle a volcano into the States?

Not exactly a volcano, but it did involve smuggling. Guess I'll write a short story and post it in Atheist Hub.


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@Arakish Re; Smuggling

@Arakish Re; Smuggling

HAH!... I KNEW it!... You WERE trying to smuggle in some of that overseas horticulture porn!

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Oh MY God, the inhumanity of

Oh MY God, the inhumanity of it all. Rampant cross pollination with foreign species. Tomangos, Peepayas, or Jackananas, will NEVER be accepted by society. Like kinds should stay with like kinds. Birds of a feather and all that...

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