Are there really lost books in the bible?

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Are there really lost books in the bible?

Upon browsing the internet, I learned that there are lost books that are rejected to be included in the bible. These books include writings from Enoch, Adam & Eve, apostles, and other people who wanted to contribute in the biblical history.
Have you heard about these books too? It seems that there are hidden stuffs and information that religion don't want us to know. Any opinion about it?

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My opinion about this is the

My opinion about this is the same as it is about everything else regarding the bible. Just a bunch of deranged people coming up with some drug induced ideas and exagerating all kinds of ocurrences. And later on they all got compiled in this book, and everyone started to believe it was the thing to follow.

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There are countless writters

There are countless writters that didnt make the bible. But they didnt make it simply because their stories didnt have enough interesting material in them. Most likely the entire bible is nothing but a compilation of tales.

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True in part, but much of

True in part, but much of what was removed (after the stories were heavily cleansed to remove political overtones after the Israeli revolution of 64 ad) was due to sections and passages that would weaken the totalitarian stance of the church in medieval Europe.

There was a lot of extra. Stuff, but much of it was *quite* interesting.

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There are definitely some

There are definitely some that didn't make inclusion in the Bible simply because they will cause one or two misinformation and misunderstanding of the word of God.

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actually, the condex

actually, the condex sinaticus is the oldest bible we have, if you compare the bible you have with this bible, it will have books and verses missing. That tells me that people have been editing the bible to various versions for a very long time and no not because of misinformation and misunderstanding of the word of god, but because they didn't feel it was good enough for the story in which started disagreements which formed the many denominations you see today. Also you should read up on the Biblical apocrypha, because you should understand that the bible you have today isn't the same as it was from the beginning when the first bible was put together.

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I haven't heard of that

I haven't heard of that before. Now I'm also wondering why those books weren't included in the Bible. Regardless of their content, I think they should've been included.

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I heard that some lost books

I heard that some lost books speaks about extra-terrestrial life, reincarnation, multiple-god belief, another dimension, magic, ghost, spirits, and other stuffs that are against the present teachings of churches. Does religions just don't want to complicate things or they just want to put boundary to other information that anybody should know?

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Oh really? That's interesting

Oh really? That's interesting. I guess including those stuff would complicate things. They're contradicting to what's included in the Bible.

I would want to know what Adam, Eve, and the apostles wrote about.

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Wtf, those lost books are not

Wtf, those lost books are not lost at all, unless you somehow believe that Western civilization is the only one who's been keeping track of things! You've really got to look for them - and don't just Google "Lost Books", lol. They're called Apocryphal books, at least the more recent ones.

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I know a rejected story from

I know a rejected story from the bible was about jeasus as a baby meeting dragons and talking them into disappearing forever. It was on qi lol

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I think the Op meant LOST

I think the Op meant LOST books, not just book not included in the bible.

There were like 116+ gosples , and only 4 of those made it in the New Testament.
So yes a ot were rejected, the main reason was that they don't mention a resurrection at all.
That hindered the plans of the early church fathers in establishing a more solid religion.
A religion where Jesus sacrificed himself for us. Thus the others were just rejected.

The ost books are books which we don't know their content since they were lost through history.
We know of those books since they are referenced sometimes in the bible itself or other ancient scriptures.

An other thing to note is that LOST books did not start with the New Testament.

The hebrews themselves removed books from the old testament.

One book which is Lost to us from the old testament which would most definitely be interesting is:


It has been referenced many times but this book was removed by the Jew since they deemed it not needed/hindered their agenda.

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I find it hard to even

I find it hard to even consider a religion thats so censored and edited. That no one alive knows the actual intended story.

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How can anyone today know

How can anyone today know what a lost book contained? The issue is the omission of gospels. There was one supposedly written by Mary that was omitted. Women being chattel in Biblical days can explain why text written by females was left out. The Gospel of Mary wasn't found until 1896, IIRC, so some weren't written into the NT, because they didn't have them in 325AD at Nicaea when Eusebius started compiling the data that wound up as the Latin Vulgate and then the Wycliffe first English Bible by the late 1300s.

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Many of the books have been

Many of the books have been recovered, and are still being recovered still. In the last decade they have unearthed the ancient library of Alexandria in Egypt, as well as the ancient historical records of Sudan (many of which predate the northern Nile civilizations) and these works are still being restored.

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Wow I hadn't heard that they

Wow I hadn't heard that they're recovering the great library of alexandria. Did they recover any of the literature from there? That's a huge find.

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The Apocrypha (book of Enoch)

The Apocrypha (book of Enoch) is a collection of works from the time between the Old Testament and the New Testament. It gives us great info about the culture and thinking of the first century Jewish people. They're usually in Catholic Bibles, otherwise just look them up if you're interested.

There were a lot of "gospels" written in the 2nd and 3rd centuries that aren't included in the Bible, mostly because they are gnosticism instead of Christianity. You can find these texts online also. The canon of the Bible went through a few revisions in the first couple of centuries before a common list of books became generally accepted. The ones that are in there are from within the lifetimes of the first disciples, were written by people who were most closely connected to the events, and some of them include material that is thought to have been taken from earlier sources.

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Sorry, the apocrypha has the

Sorry, the apocrypha has the book of enoch and others, like the wars of the Maccabees.

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The Wars of Yahweh is

The Wars of Yahweh is referenced in the Old Testament but it's probably not a giant conspiracy. It was probably just a history book that was lost somewhere in the previous few thousand years. Maybe it was too boring to keep passing on.

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Well if we have the wars of

Well if we have the wars of yahweh most ikly it would be the most interesting book in the entire bible.

Since would see how the gods were fighting in those days.
Or at least how god was fighting in those days.

He surly lost since he didn't mange to capture the promised land however I am sure that it would open a new idea of who actually this Yahweh is.

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I don't know if there are

I don't know if there are really lost books. The bible is too old and the church only included the books that are important for the Christian faith that's why there are books that are not included. They ensured that every book have the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

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To me, the phrase "lost

To me, the phrase "lost gospels" refers to books rejected from inclusion in the old and new testaments when compiled. My favorite is the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Some books rejected by the catholic church are accepted in the bibles of other christianities.

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